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How to Use 1 Stencil 3 Ways

Arrow Print Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Shelly of Dolen diaries fell in love with our Arrow print stencil from the Raven+Lily’s Designer Stencil Collection. However, she did not just have one, but three projects in mind for this stencil. She recently shared these projects on her blog and showed how one versatile stencil pattern can help you do three totally different projects, giving you more bang for your buck. We loved the idea and had to share it with all of you stencil lovers!

Project 1: Stencil on Canvas to Create a Unique Wall Art

Arrow Print Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Shelly’s first project was a stunning canvas wall art. She secured the stencil in place with painter’s tape and using a ½” stencil brush, began stenciling alternate columns with Royal Design Studio’s Aged Nickel Stencil Crème and Copper Kettle Stencil Creme. The one thing she made sure during the entire stenciling process was to offload excess paint on a paper towel to get crisp lines and avoid bleed-under.

Too much paint on a stencil = bleeding. The swirly motions make for smooth coverage and dabs give you bubbly look,” said Shelly.

She jazzed up the look of this designer wall art by placing gold tacks, ½” apart, along all four edges of the canvas. The subtle shimmer in the metallic stencil crèmes made this wall art stand out against the matte blue walls.

Project 2: No-Sew Stenciled Curtains 

Arrow Prnt Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Next up, Shelly decided to transform a plain drop cloth into a beautifully stenciled curtain for a kids’ room window. She made a curtain panel from a drop cloth because they are available in a variety of dimensions and require no sewing! Shelly recommends ironing the cloth before laying it nice and smooth on a big table. It is now ready to be stenciled. Removing the creases makes it easy to stencil. Using the same “off load” technique, she stenciled the entire curtain with our Aged Nickel Stencil Crème. Once dry, Shelly added the easy snap-on grommets to the newly stenciled curtain.

Project 3: Stenciled Wooden Tray

Arrow Print Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Being a tray junkie, Shelly knew she was going to stencil a tray. Shelly and her husband used ½” of maple wood to cut out a 18”x24” tray base, two 24”x2” and two 18”x2” side edges. For the handles, they drilled two 1” holes and jigsawed the area in between to create a cutout. All the cut edges were sanded before stenciling.

Once all the parts of the tray were ready, Shelly stenciled the Arrow Stencil pattern on the base of the tray with Ebony Stain & Seal by Faux Effects. To add contrast, they simply stained the inner sides of all the four tray edges black. Here’s another great tip from Shelly:

Remember, it’s best to use a light hand when stenciling! This stain will bleed even more than paint because it’s a bit thinner.”

Finally, they assembled the tray together using wood glue and micro pins to hold the edges firmly against the base. They sealed everything up with a clear coat. The result? A designer tray that Shelly absolutely loves! And so do we! Be sure to check out Shelly’s blog post: 1 Stencil For Three Different Projects for details.

Looking for more ideas? Find lots of inspiration on our Pinterest page as well as our How-to+DIY section. If you stencil something cool, don’t forget to email us at projects@royaldesignstudio.com.

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