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4 Ways to Use Stencil Crèmes for Fun Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs with Royal Stencil Cremes | Royal Design Studio

Let’s face it – dying eggs has been done. After all, food dye only comes in so many colors! If you are looking for something new this Easter, or if you want to create a beautiful centerpiece for your Easter table, we have four ways to use our Royal Design Stencil Crèmes to make truly beautiful Easter Eggs!

Shimmering Metallic Eggs with Royal Stencil Cremes

Shimmering Metallic Eggs

A beautiful egg starts with a great foundation. After your eggs are hard-boiled, start by painting the eggs with one of our Royal Design Stencil Crèmes and a small brush, like our 3/8” stencil brush. To get an even color, two coats of stencil crème will be needed. Make sure to allow a few minutes to dry between coats. Once the second coat is dry, you can either admire the sheen and be done or try our other techniques to add even more individuality to your eggs.

Color Blocking Easter Eggs | Royal Stencil Cremes

Color Blocking

Another easy and fast way to custom decorate your Easter eggs is color blocking, once your base color is dry you can use painters tape to tape around one side of the egg and paint the other half with a contrasting color. This color blocking technique will give a modern look to your Easter decorations. Again, it may take a couple of coats to get an even look.

Easter Eggs Stencil Crèmes + Sharpie| Royal Stencil Cremes

Stencil Crèmes + a Sharpie

Sharpies are an easy way to add flourishes to your eggs. This will work best once the stencil cream is dry. Simply use a Sharpie to doodle different symbols on the eggs, we used the classic black Sharpie, but you can also use the colored ones or even the metallic ones.

Embellishing Easter Eggs with Stencil Cremes | Royal Design Studio

Embellishing + Stencil Crèmes

To make your Easter eggs sparkle, we suggest adding some jewels! Our neighborhood craft store had a brand that had the adhesives attached to the back, but you can also use a hot glue gun or any type of cold cement to apply them.

Do you have any other decorative ideas for eggs that we didn’t mention here? We’d love to hear them in the Comments below!

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