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6 Trendy Wall Decorating Ideas with Lettering Stencils

Lettering stencils are anyone’s “type”! Whether you’re “type” of decorating style is contemporary or vintage feel, our script stencils will make your home’s design speak for itself! Easily make your wall decorating projects timeless with poetic phrases, stencil brushes, and flick of the wrist (well, a circular motion that is)! Let’s take a look at these 6 artistic wall decorating ideas with lettering stencils:

Create a French Rustic Look with Typography Stencils

French Lettering Stencils and Wall Stencils from Royal Design Studio

Have you ever thought about mixing different décor elements? Jenny Schrank and Mark Bowman designed a beautiful bedroom by pulling in different styles and textures, such as a reclaimed wood headboard, a modern buck head, and delicate typography stencils. We are especially infatuated with how they decorated this accent wall with our Springtime in Paris Stencil Set! The result produced a worn in and well-traveled feel. This eclectic bedroom is such an intriguing style because each element on its own or combined altogether is a conversation starter.

Stencil Your Backsplash with Alphabet Stencils

Paint your kitchen backsplash with lettering stencils - Royal Design Studio wall stencils

Snazzy Little Things wanted to create a unique backsplash to finish off her French Country kitchen with style. When she found our Springtime in Paris Stencil, she knew it would be perfectly complement her vintage cabinets and subtle décor.  In addition to how beautiful it looked, she loved the fact that this DIY stenciled backsplash could be easily changed in the future. When she has a bigger budget she can simply replace thepainted background with tiles or stone. Stenciled backsplashes are a great option because they are so easy to do and budget-friendly!

DIY Backsplash for a Contemporary Kitchen

DIY Kitchen Backsplash with Wall Stencils and Lettering Stencils - Royal Design Studio

Back-to-back backsplash! Creative customer Cheryl Udell layered our Springtime in Paris Stencil Set over our Tiger Stripes Allover Stencil to create this amazing kitchen backsplash. Stencils make it so easy to create a unique design in layers. Start with a repeating stenciled wallpaper pattern and add additional elements on top to create an interesting accent and bring in other colors. We love the clever combination of fierce animal print, delicate French lettering stencils, and a subtle color scheme for this contemporary kitchen. Do you??

Blend 2 Stencils in 1 Design

Lettering Stencils for DIY Paint Projects - Royal Design Studio

Here’s another idea for layering stencil patterns to create a unique look. Pair lettering stencils with a damask pattern to create a modern French look that is great for kitchen, craft room, home office or any room in the house that needs an elegant look. See how we created a gorgeous black and white wall in our studio by pairing and blending our Petal and Plumes Script Wall Words Stencil with the Delightful Damask Wall Stencil into one design in this easy stencil tutorial on How to Blend 2 Stencils in 1 Design.

Spell Out Your Love with French Stencils

French Love Letters Wall Stencils for DIY Wall Decor - Royal Design Studio

Are you ready to fall in love?? If, like us, you find French one of the most romantic languages on earth, you will certainly fall love with our French Love Letters Wall Stencil that is made with love – specifically, with French love phrases. We love how this romantic typography stencil is styled with browns and creams to create a vintage wallpaper look.

Unique Wall Decorating with Lettering Stencils

Create a French quote wallpaper effect with lettering stencils from Royal Design Studio

Isn’t individuality something that all of us strive for when it comes to decorating? Former Stencil Star Finishes by Gina creates an exclusive design for each of her clients and never repeats them! We are especially captivated with this stunning and unique stenciled bath decorated with our Springtime in Paris Stencil Set. This French typography set includes a Paris postage stamp, Paris postmark, and a French poem.

There you have it! There are so many ways to decorate your walls using a single quote stencil or multiple stencils for a layering effect! Have these wall decorating ideas inspired you to decorate a room with lettering stencils? We love to share your beautiful stencil projects with our readers! Email us at projects@royaldesignstudio.com, share them on our Facebook Page, or you can even Instagram your projects and tag us with #royaldesignstudio.

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