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“I dream of painting and I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Painting and patterns date back to pre-historic humans and spans all cultures. Proof that the desire for a world full of color and designs has appealed to us all since the dawn of time!

But how and why do some designs delight and others disappoint? Our site will not only highlight the latest trends of style and design, but demonstrate how those trends will set a mood in your home. We will not only share the latest patterns, but explain the origins of those patterns and show its evolution over time. We have learned that knowing how to shape these valuable details is the secret to bringing your design to life.

So as we continually provide you the latest on decorative painting and patterns, let us help to enrich your style through our educational, inspirational, and innovative articles. No matter your skill set, we are here to show you that you can achieve that enviable home full of color and creatively-beautiful decor!

This is our dream and we are painting it!

Check out the details of our 4 main featured columns:

Stencils + Paint Ideas

We are passionate about combining paint and pattern for DIY and home decorating. Our goal is to inspire you, educate you, and empower you to use simple techniques with paint and stencils to transform your home into a special space-one that reflects your unique personality, tastes, and talents!

How-To + DIY

Successful stencil, paint and decorating projects begin here! Our how-to tutorials and video lessons will give you the confidence to know how to use stencils, decorative painting techniques, Chalk Paint® furniture paint and more to transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works of art.Royal CBD

Design + Inspire

Our desire is to inspire! Paint and pattern are just small parts of a much larger world of design and decoration. Here we see how they interact and enhance the broader field of styles, fashion, and interior design.

Travel + Discover

Travel with us to discover an even larger world of pattern design, paint history, and decorative delights. Journey with us through great books, historical facts, design origins, and exotic global destinations.

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