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Artistic Stenciling of Stencil Star Angela Schuster

Our Stencil Star series showcases our creative customer’s use of our Modello™ custom vinyl stencils and Royal Design Studio mylar wall stencils on multiple surfaces, including walls, ceilings, furniture, floors and more. We travel to New Jersey to see the amazing, creative work of Angela Schuster and her team at Faux Time Design. Faux Time Design is well-known for their decorative painting and stencil pattern artistry and have been featured in magazines as well as national commercials for worldwide brands. 

Customized corner stencil patterns by Modello Designs enhance a coffered ceiling | Modello® DesignsCustomized OrnCor226 corner stencil patterns by Modello Designs enhance a coffered ceiling.

MEET STENCIL STAR ANGELA SCHUSTER. Angela started her decorative painting business in 2005 with fellow artist and friend, Jill Hayden. They are now one of the largest all-woman decorative painting companies in the Northeast. Angela’s vision for Faux Time Design was to create a company where each team member could pursue her love of the decorative arts while creating a work environment that allowed the opportunity to find balance with their home lives.  Faux Time Design is a full service firm, providing every aspect of faux and decorative finishing, including artistically designed ceilings, Old World European finishes, multi-dimensional plasters, metallics and hand painted murals. They are located in Northern New Jersey and are commissioned by homeowners, custom homebuilders, and interior designers throughout the New York metro area. We’re so happy to have them stop by and share some of their insider stenciling secrets.

Cherry Blossoms Stencil on Venetian Plaster walls | Royal Design StudioThe versatile Cherry Blossoms Stencil gracefully enhances Venetian Plaster walls.


Every project is an opportunity to create a unique work of art for that client. Unlike many of our wall finishes that can be replicated from project to project, our stencil and decorative masking pattern projects are one of a kind. Determining the pattern and finish to apply is critical and that begins with exploring the client’s ‘dream’ for the space. We look at photos, fabrics and furnishings in their home and on their wish list. Then, we use the Modello Design Library to sort through hundreds of ideas. Once we have narrowed down a few choices and I’ve made notes and renderings on my iPad, I go back to my studio and create the final design. I like to combine different patterns and ideas and working with the Modello staff is always incredibly helpful!

Customized Modello Designs Stencil for Coffer Ceiling | Modello® DesignsModello Designs Stencil OrnTile164 from the Tile Stencils Collection was customized by Angela to fit each square perfectly.


Hands down, my favorite surface is the ceiling. I LOVE the fifth wall! And I am so incredibly proud of the fact that Faux Time Design has really built a reputation for design beautiful ceilings — and without Modellos that would not be possible. I wouldn’t even consider a ceiling project without first considering my Modello options!  I absolutely, positively love the surprise and ‘gasp’ clients have when they see their finished project for the first time.  It is often in the very end when we break down the scaffolding and they can see the entire design — the look on their faces is so priceless — it really makes my job so fabulous!

Customized Modello® Stencil for Barrel Ceiling | Modello® DesignsAngela worked with the Modello Designs team to customize the pattern for this barrel ceiling and used glazes, plasters and gold leaf to enhance the pattern. What an enchanting entry!


Tough question!  I am hoping to move into more commercial work in the next few years. Currently, we work in about 80% residential and 20% commercial. Creating my designs for a church cathedral or a major hotel would be a dream!

Modello Designs Motif Stencils combined with handpainting work by Angela Schuster | Modello® DesignsWhat a statement! Modello Designs Wall Mural Stencils and Handpainting work hand-in-hand to create four art panels for a client’s rotunda.

We think Angela and her team would knock those large commercial projects out of the park! If you like what you see above, please take a look at the Faux Time Design website and Facebook page for more decorative paint and stenciling projects. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Stencil Star feature and are inspired by the artistry! Many thanks to Angela and her team for sharing their beautiful stencil works with us. Be sure to give us a shout out if you are working on any stenciling projects of your own as we’d love to hear from you! 

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