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5 Baby Room Décor Accent Walls Ideas with Nursery Stencils

Take up your nursery decorating up a notch and use sophisticated stencil designs with trendy color schemes that grow with your child. Paint an accent wall with our designer Nursery Stencils to add pattern and color in a stylish way. Here are 5 baby room décor ideas with nursery stencils that are sweetened with style:

Go for the Gold with Nursery Stencils

Chic Gold Accent Walls with Scallops Wall Stencil - Royal Design Studio

Interiors by Kenz wanted her baby’s room decor to be anything but white and beige. She went for the gold and did it! She created a stunning scallop design on an accent wall using our Moroccan Scallops Stencil and gold paint. Her nursery stencil makeover resulted in a gold leaf look, with the light shining and catching different parts of the wall.

Trendy Purple Nursery Stencils

Trendy Purple Stenciled Nursery Decor and Accent Wall - Royal Design Studio

We’re seeing shades of purple in baby room decor a lot these days, and Cozy Home Interiors shows just how charming the color can be. This traditional lilac nursery is right on trend with the beautiful color choice and all the other soft, feminine details —we adore that crib canopy and the tone-on-tone Moorish Trellis stenciled accent wall. Lilac nursery stencils has never looked so lovely!

Pretty Purple Paint Please

Lisboa Tile Wall Stencils in Trendy Purple Nursery Decor - Royal Design Studio

Here’s another pretty purple pattern in a stenciled nursery! Pear Design Studio used the fun yet sophisticated purple and white color combination with a splash of bright turquoise for an adorable baby room makeover. Our Lisboa Tile Wall Stencil and their patterned baby blanket look so good together!

Pinterest Baby Room Decor

Neutral Nursery Stencils on Accent Wall - Royal Design Studio Baby Room Decor

Have you been seeing nursery wall stencils everywhere on Pinterest? Carolina Charm fell in love with the idea and found the perfect pattern to do the job – our Wonderment Trellis Wall Stencil. Her little girl is going to love her new baby nursery!

Neutral Stenciled Accent Wall

Chic Designer Wall Stencils for Baby Room Decor - Royal Design Studio

Tomorrow with a Smile wanted to keep her baby’s room decor neutral, but needed to mix up the matching solid colors of the walls and the furniture. Our Endless Circles Lattice Moroccan Stencil helped keep the room neutral while adding such a big pop of dimension and character. It’s the perfect accent wall for the nursery, without being overwhelming. The baby still needs to fall asleep somehow!


Nursery stencils are a great way to add instant style to your baby’s room décor, whether you keep it neutral or use bold colors. We love to share your beautiful stencil projects with our readers! Email us at projects@royaldesignstudio.com, share them on our Facebook Page, or Instagram your Royal Design Studio stencil projects and tag us with #royaldesignstudio.

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