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Stencil DIY: Back to School Book Covers

Stencil DIY: Back to School Book Covers | Paint + Pattern

The kids are back in school so it’s time to create smashing book-covers to protect their textbooks that their friends will totally envy. When I was in school a million years ago, my Mom helped us cut up paper grocery sacks to decorate. Not a bad idea even today. The bags are heavy duty and free.

This project is a pretty girlie one. Forgive me, but having two girls and no boys, I just know how to do girl-centric stuff. However, simply by using more geometric non-floral stencils, you can use it for boys too, just go to town with school colors – easy.


Stencil Supplies| Paint + Pattern



DIY Back to School Book Cover | Paint + Pattern

Lay the open book on top of the paper and add a few inches (about 1.5” to 2”) on all sides to fold in later. Trim.


Paint with Stencil Cremes | Paint + Pattern

(For this book cover I used the Snowflake Lace stencil and the Shimmer Pink & Renaissance Red stencil crèmes with black paper.)

Put small amounts of stencil crème colors on a tin foil and keep some paper towels nearby. Place the stencil over the paper starting at one end. Tape in place. Stencil one color in some areas and without changing the stencil brush, use the other color to stencil the remaining areas, blending a bit here and there. Be sure to off-load the paint on the paper towel so no paint runs under the stencil.


Stenciled Book Cover DIY | Paint + Pattern


Center the book at the edge of the paper on the short end. Measure the width of the book and make small pencil marks at the top and bottom. This will mark the top and bottom folds. Fold both edges at the marks.

Back to School Stencil Book Cover | Paint + Pattern

Lay the open book on top of the paper and fold over the ends. Cut off any excess so that you have about 3 or 4 inches of overlap. Slide one end of the book inside the fold you have created. Bend the book slightly backwards and slide the other end into the folds. If the book is too tight to close, adjust the folds. You can use some clear tape on the folds if you like to keep them from sliding out.


Stencil DIY Book Covers | Paint + Pattern

Now, use some kraft paper, the Fleur de Lace stencil and the Orange Ice stencil crème and follow the same steps to make a pretty coordinating cover.

Stencil DIY: Back to School Book Covers

These are so stunning you can use them on any book and they are addictive to make.

Stay tuned to Paint + Pattern later in September too, as I will be creating book plates to add to the insides of your book collection. A nice pairing with this project – for the kids or for yourself.

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects


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