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Debbie Hayes

Brightening up a Bathroom with Ceiling Stenciling

Stenciling on a bathroom ceiling adds a bright touch to a dark room. via Paint + Pattern

March is India – inspiration month and the tiny powder room in our home clearly needed some extra pizazz to pull it together. However, it is so small, if we gain a pound… well, you get the picture! The only place left in the room to add something special was on the ceiling and stenciling it was a fast and easy update.

The room already had a warm lustrous brown texture and a copper foil ceiling and just treatment, which we didn’t want to change. We still love the feel of the room with off-white trim and the hand-made rustic metal mirror and sconces, but seeing the India-inspired stencils from Royal Design Studio made my creative heart sing. Adding a stenciled pattern with a wisp of metallic Pearl Oyster Royal Stencil Creme paint pulled everything together and gave the room a quick update.

Ceiling stenciling can be a little bit more of a challenge than stenciling a wall, but limiting the stenciling to this small space made the project much easier. That, PLUS I used the new super large Royal Design Studio Stencil Brush that is designed to make your stenciling go FAST! It holds so much paint and glides over the stencil so beautifully that my project took no time to complete! Plus, it works beautifully with Royal Stencil Cremes.

Royal Stencil Cremes are designed to be easy to use and cover very quickly. After loading just the tips of the brush, I offloaded the excess paint onto paper towels and gently swirled the paint onto the ceiling through the stencil. Using the little flower design as a guide for registration made lining up the stencil repeats very easy!

Ceiling stenciling adds pattern and interest to a small powder room. Indian Paisley Damask stencil from Royal Design Studio

The Indian Paisley Damask stencil that I used adds a soft pattern to the ceiling while pulling all of the colors and accessories together. They are a bit French – 100-year-old hand-tatted lace from Paris and gold-leafed pages from an architect’s print of a home in Paris, but it’s all very soothing and blends beautifully with the stenciled pattern.

Are you ready to tackle a ceiling stenciling project? There’s nothing more exhilarating than fresh inspiration. At Paint + Pattern we are passionate about sharing our ideas and seeing YOUR, so please share your photos and comments!

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  1. Regina

    Always love to see stenciling on a ceiling – it’s that extra special unexpected touch, you know? I adore your results, Debbie! I need to come see your home! 🙂

  2. Debbie Hayes

    Regina, I hope you will be a guest in our humble abode next time you are in town!

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