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Amisha Desai

Chalk Paint Furniture Styles: Much More than Shabby Chic!


Look at these beautiful dressers painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®! Its signature velvety, matte finish is unmistakable. DIYers have used Chalk Paint® to convert tired furniture into amazing shabby chic delights since 1990. But what you don’t know about Chalk Paint® is that it can do so much more!

Chalk Paint® used with many different styles of furniture. So versatile!! via Paint and Pattern

In reality, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is one of the most versatile paints on the market. It can help you get any look you desire! There are so many more Chalk Paint furniture styles that can be created with the flick of a brush, unexpected color combinations, and a twist on a technique. The proof is in the project photos we spotted on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Pinterest boards. Check out these revamped furniture projects – from bold to antique and everything in between!

Bold & Bright Look

Chalk Paint® decorative paint on modern style furniture projects. So colorful! via Paint and Pattern

Using bright Chalk Paint on classic or straight-lined furniture gives it a Modern feel and your home a contemporary look.

Classic & Traditional

Chalk Paint® used for classic furniture painting projects. Pretty images via Paint and Pattern

Chalk Paint® neutral colors like Old White, French Linen, and Louis Blue give allover wood furniture a classic and traditional feel.

Vintage & Antique 

Vintage style furniture painting with Chalk Paint® decorative paint. Pretty pics via Paint and Pattern

After you paint with Chalk Paint®’s old-world colors, such as Chateau Grey and English Yellow, finish off the vintage look by sanding the furniture. This gives it that distressed dramatic look!

Artsy & Stenciled Furniture

Cool painted and stenciled furniture projects with Chalk Paint® via Paint and Pattern

Create a unique one of kind furniture makeover with stencils and Chalk Paint®!

The stencils pictured are from Royal Design Studio (clockwise from top left):

These are just a few examples. There are limitless possibilities for different Chalk Paint furniture styles! What other ways have you used Chalk Paint®? Comment below, share your photos with us on our Facebook page or email them to us at projects@royaldesignstudio.

Craving more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board for more Chalk Paint® ideas and be sure to visit the Chalk Paint Tutorials on our How to + DIY page!

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