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10 Colorful India Inspired Interiors


Speaking if India, does any specific color come to your mind first? India is far too varied to be represented by a single color. The Indian color palette is inspired by landscapes, exotic spices, blooming fruits and fragrant flowers, not to mention it’s rich cultural history. The use of a harmonious kaleidoscope of pattern and paint colors are an integral part of life and a saturated palette is symbolic of confident Indian style. Today, we’re sharing 10 such colorful India inspired interiors to help you incorporate this enchanting aesthetic in your homes!

The Jeffers Design Group deliciously blended colorful fabric, accents and colors in the living room above, which was featured in Apartment Therapy. Just a breath of Indian style can bring a sense of the exotic to any space!


Above, a vivid palette is balanced perfectly against the white in this relaxing interior porch. A mixture of textiles and colorful accents by Tessa Proudfoot and Asssociates create a pleasing, eye-catching arrangement.


Richly saturated and playful pinks are some of the most popular colors in India. Here, in the image above, it is incorporated easily into a contemporary, clean setting.


One of the most famous colors in art is Indian Yellow and it is, of course, a favorite of India as well.  In the Lebua Resort of Jaipur, India, black-n-white and yellow color scheme paired with a hint of grey and linear patterns infuse a room with high design. The simple mural of India on the cabinetry helps to soften the crisp lines by adding a dash of warm Indian flair to a thoroughly modern space.


The deep, sober Indigo blue, absolutely invokes Indian style – it was practically named after it! The color flows easily between traditional plastered walls, stunning textiles and as a paint treatment in and of itself. The hue looks especially appealing when paired with yellow as well as strong metallic and organic whites.


Above, ornamental artistry, patterned pillows, carved wood and lilac plaster walls with unique portraits were among the décor elements chosen by designer Miv Watts to help instill plenty of color and texture to a client’s home. While in the image below, just one stunning buffet adds a bold, extravagant touch of India to this space. The remaining carefully chosen design pieces work beautifully with more traditional elements to evoke a sense of mysterious allure without fully committing to one style.



Organic and textured wall treatments in any array of colors can help invoke the spirit of India. The finish is free, fluid and enhanced (or perhaps inspired) by the boldly-colored saris draped across the bed and seating areas as used in the image above.


India has a special history with pattern and its people possess an intuitive sense of it. The kitchen above, was featured in Elle Décor India and you can see how pattern is balanced throughout the space with color.  Both the large border and the ornamental ceiling are magnificent. Love the peeks at the rolled stencils, too!


No post on India-inspired colorful interiors is complete without mentioning Liza Bruce’s iconic home in India, above image, which was featured in Elle Décor and photographed by Simon Upton. A bewitching riot of colors come together in this small slice of the residence. Here, the focus is on the striking allover pattern in white that pops gorgeously against the orange-tangerine.

Color and pattern is what bathes a room with Indian drama or simply evokes the style via the savvy selection of a few key decorative accents. Although it is wonderful to see Indian designs in their full glory, it is also beautiful to see them interpreted in modern (and even minimalist) spaces.  Have you been inspired to incorporate this timeless look into your space?  Let us know which images have sent your inspiration soaring!


  1. Looooove all the color! And yes, those stencils rolled up in the corner – that’s my living room decoration right now too! 🙂

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