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Colorscope: What Does Your Room Say About You?

What do your favorite colors say about you in this Colorscope?


Me? My “go to” colors are black and shades of blue (bluebell, pool, and night). Do your favorite colors reflect YOUR personality? Does your room say something about your personality, mood, or stage of life? Coordinating certain colors into a palette are usually your go-to colors and this also reflects your personality.

Click here to access a large, readable version from the Paper Source blog.


  1. Mine are chartreuse, leaf, pool and chocolate. Pretty accurate I think.

  2. Fuchsia, baby! FUCHSIA! (…and it should say “often spells in caps and !!!!”…)

  3. Thank you, that is impressive.

  4. Thank you for a good idea for my site) I got enjoy by testing myself from color in my room that i like more than another

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