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IKEA Hack: Stencil and Add Function to Your Craft Caddy

IKEA HACK - Stencil a Craft CaddyDo you ever make multiple trips to carry your art and crafting supplies to wherever you’re working? And if you are working at a dining table, or in the kitchen or living room for a few days, the supplies can take over and get messy. If you have these crafty problems, this one’s for you! I found a solution in IKEA’s Lennart drawer unit and Kvarnvik storage boxes. They make a convenient carry-all for your supplies.

So let’s see how to put metal drawers and fabric-covered boxes together into a creative craft caddy.

Supplies for this project:

Supplies for making a Mobile Craft Caddy | Paint + Pattern

My hobby and craft supplies are in a basement closet, so I’m often carrying supplies up and down stairs. IKEA has a choice of small portable storage units in their bathroom and office areas, and I chose the Lennart because it’s very lightweight. So even when loaded with craft supplies, it’s still light enough to carry up stairs.

The Kvarnvik boxes add even more storage space to the Lennart drawer unit. They’re nice boxes with thick construction; a patterned lining and big round label holders.

How to make a Functional Craft Caddy from an Ikea Hack | Paint + Pattern

To make the caddy, start by assembling the Lennart and Kvarnvik boxes. The Lennart’s instructions are clear and easy, and it took me less than 30 minutes to assemble the unit. You just need a screwdriver; everything else is included. And the Kvarnvik boxes go together in about 1 minute.

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan | Paint + Pattern

Next, you can leave the Kvarnvik boxes plain and go to the step of bolting the boxes to the top of the Lennart drawer unit. Or you can have fun and decorate the boxes! A border stencil like the Flower Chain Border Stencil at 3″ tall is the perfect height to wrap some pattern around the boxes. You could paint a fun bright color, or I chose a dark gray because the drawers are gray and this tied the IKEA pieces together and made them look like they belong together.

Flower Chain Border Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Stenciled IKEA Kvarnvik Box | Flower Chain Border Stencil by Royal Design Studio via Paint + Pattern

Stenciled IKEA Kvarnvik Storage Boxes | Flower Chain Border Stencil by Royal Design Studio

I mixed Country Grey with Graphite to lighten the Graphite into a softer gray. Then, simply stencil all the way around both boxes. Be careful to not load too much paint on your brush, so the paint doesn’t bleed under the stencil. You can dab your brush on paper towel and remove most of the paint from the brush. It’s better to paint several light layers over the stencil to darken the pattern, than to paint one thick layer of paint. And yes I did learn that the hard way!

Assemble IKEA Boxes on IKEA Hack for a functional craft caddy | Paint + Pattern

Stencil How-to: Make a Functional Craft Caddy from Ikea Hack | Paint + Pattern

Next, we will bolt the boxes to the drawer unit. Drill two holes through the bottoms of each box. Then, place the boxes on top of the drawer unit and drill four holes into the top of the drawer unit. Lay a washer down over each hole and then place a bolt through the washer. Remove the top drawer of the unit, reach under and screw a nut onto the bolt. These should hold your boxes secure. And if you ever want to remove the boxes, you can easily unbolt them. (If you are looking at the supplies pictures in detail, don’t get 1/2″ long bolts like I did! The Kvarnvik box bottoms are really thick and 1/2″ bolt is not long enough – get 1″ or 1 1/2″ long bolts.)

Stenciled Craft Caddy at Work | Paint + Pattern

This is not a glamour shot because my craft caddy immediately went to work! As we know, the end result of our projects might be gorgeous, but the behind-scenes progress often looks far from glamorous! This caddy is already loaded up with supplies to make a lamp, Japanese kimono fabric for sewing pillows, and of course stenciling supplies. Here it is helping out as I do the next DIY for later this month – white stenciling on beige walls for a light Scandinavian-Indian style.


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