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Crafting a Great Stencil Project

French Stencil Bulletin Board | Paris Postage Stamp Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Like stencils, stencil projects come in all sizes. Even if you don’t have a super wall stencil project in mind, you can use stencils to quickly transform many smaller surfaces into custom crafted treasures. Here’s a look at some recent stencil projects from our blogging friends….

Betsy from My Salvaged Treasures used our adorable Paris Postage Stamp stencil to create this adorable stenciled cork board project using a Chalk Painted painted frame and a rescued yard sale corkboard. She simply had to cut the cork board to size to fit her lovely frame and used burlap as her stencil background to create a vintage look in a matter of minutes. So clever!

How to stencil a summer sign via Happy Looks Good | Beehive Allover Furniture Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Blogging duo Alison and Megan of Happy Looks Good on You used our Beehive stencil on an old board to create an adorable stenciled sign that they embellished with custom lettering and scrap booking cutouts from the craft store. This sign was about summer, but you can translate this idea easily to any season or special occasion. What a great way to reuse stencils that you have left over from other projects!

Stenciling Kids Dollhouse via Brie Brie Blooms | Granada Border Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Don’t forget to look outside for possible stencil projects! Heather from Brie Brie Blooms played dress-up with her kid’s outdoor playhouse by stenciling our Granada Border stencil up the sides of the walls, creating a cute storybook look.

How to Stencil House Number via The Scrap Shoppe | French Numbers Typography Stencil For this outdoor stencil project, Michele from The Scrap Shoppe turned a wooden tote box into a stenciled house number sign that doubles as a cute planter box using our French Numbers Stencil.

With the holidays fast approaching now is a great time to think about hand crafting some stencil projects that you can use for decorating or gift giving. Stencils work on SO many surfaces that you have endless possibilities: fabric, wood, canvas, lampshades, paper and more. Have a look around your house, garage, or basement for things that you can spruce up with stencils and paint-and then let your imagination run…..

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