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New Damask Stencil: Name it to Win it

Post Update: This contest in now closed. 

The winning stencil name was Persian Garden Damask Stencil suggested by Christine Carino.

Find the Persian Garden Damask Stencil on Royal Design Studio.

Check back on our Stencil Contests page often for your chance to win!

Name it to Win it Stencil from Royal Design StudioYour favorite ‘Name it to Win it’ is back!

We have designed a gorgeous new stencil to add to our Damask Stencil Collection. This beautiful pattern will not only help you deck the halls during the upcoming holiday season, but is designed to bring elegance to your home throughout the year. Its free flowing floral pattern can give a graceful, feminine touch to any room, furniture or craft project.

We know you are eager to get your hands on it! But before we make it available, we need your help in finding a perfect name for this stencil. From all of the responses to past contests, we figured our best stencil names come from you guys!

So, Hurry! Leave your best name suggestion in our comments section below before midnight, Oct 12th. If we PICK it, you WIN it! Good luck!

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  1. Christine Carino

    Persian Garden Damask

  2. Arbre de la vie! (Tree of life in French)

  3. Victorian Hedge

  4. Tree of Life Damask

  5. Romance in bloom

  6. Saturday in the park!

  7. Terrace Topiary

  8. Ageless Elegance

  9. Pointelle Damask

  10. Midnight at the Oasis

  11. Acapella Elegance or simply Acapella

  12. Isobel Damask
    Has a Downtown Abbey feel to it.

  13. Gustavian Christmas Tree or Gustavian Christmas

  14. Garden delight

  15. The Royal Cascade

  16. Harmony Damask

  17. My first thought was tree of life. I see that other people thought so too!
    So to come up with something else,
    delicate damask OR. Audrey’s Damask
    It’s lovely

  18. Charlottes Web

  19. Almond blossom of hope damask
    Hope blossom damask

  20. ‘Lil Miss Lacey Lou

  21. Micheline Mulaire


  22. Secret Garden

  23. White Tree of Gondor
    Minas Anor

  24. Chandelier Damask or Damask Chandelier

  25. Spring is in the air.

  26. Monsoon / Monsun



  27. Shalimar OR Monsoon

  28. Royal Flutter

  29. Bellissimi Fiori

  30. Hanging Garden Damask

  31. “Garden of Earthly Delights”

  32. Chandelier

  33. Bohemian Crystal Chandelier
    Météorite chandelier

  34. Chandelace (like chandelier+lace)


    Chantily Lace

  35. Queen Anne’s Floral Damask

  36. dream forest

  37. michelle gorzycki

    Callie’s Garden

  38. pinecone damask

  39. Filigree trees.

  40. michelle gorzycki

    Belle of the Ball

  41. Streets oh Paris

  42. Garden of Eden

  43. Pinecone Damask is exactly what I was gonna say, but I see someone already said that!

  44. Luscious Lilac

  45. Garden Lace

  46. Gypsy Damask

  47. Monique Sheldon-Stemm

    William Morris Retrospective Floral

  48. Simply …….

  49. As soon as I saw it I thought of Springtime in France. Therefore I think it should be called “PRINTEMPS”

  50. Versailles Trellis
    Trellis at Versailles
    Petit Trianon Trellis

  51. i will name it


  52. Whimsy, Whimsy Garden, Whimsy Tree, Whimsy Willow, Indian Whimsy 🙂

  53. ingrid van shipley


  54. Tree of Life

  55. Parisienne Perfection

  56. Content.

  57. Undulating flowers and leaves damask

  58. French brocante

  59. Biminey

  60. BIMINY


  62. Perennial Espalier
    as it will be a symmetrical, ever-blooming delight wherever it is used…

  63. This is lovely! I’d name it “Queen’s Ransom”.

  64. Beautiful Branches

  65. Pointelle

  66. Janine from Maine

    Damask Drops.

  67. Filigree Dust, Filigree Sparkle, Filigree Splendour
    Filigree Delight, Filigree Romance, Filigree Elegance

  68. Enchanted April

  69. Dainty vine damask

  70. Bellissimo or Bellissima

  71. Love’s in Bloom

  72. Christmas Morning

  73. It is very delicate; I would call it” Lady Arabesque”.

  74. Love in Bloom Damask

  75. Canterbury Topiary

  76. Or… Canterbury Vines

  77. Flourish with flowers!

  78. Arbor damask

  79. Jardin de arboles damask

  80. Victorian Charm

  81. Tree of Life

  82. Sandy’s Secret
    This is such a lovely, soft stencil. I would be honored to win it.
    Thanks for these wonderful opportunities.

  83. This stencil is magical! My first thought was, “Refined Elegance” or “Genevieve,” but after realizing the floral pattern resembles a Christmas Tree when you look closely, the name “Glad Tidings” or “Hope,” came to mind.

  84. Flowering cacoon

  85. Tree of Life

  86. Crystal chandelier

  87. Filigree Garden

  88. Filigree Definition – Delicate and intricate ornamental work made from gold, silver, or other fine twisted wire.
    An intricate, delicate, or fanciful ornamentation.
    A design resembling such ornamentation.

  89. DeVine Tree Damask

  90. Wonderland Trellis

  91. Divine Trellis Damask

  92. I love this new design, it should be called
    Shangra La La

  93. The perfect name is….AS TIME GOES BY…..from the movie Casablanca …

  94. ‘feuilles de’licates’ damask

  95. My immediate thought was TREE OF LIFE.

    If that has already been suggested
    My new choice would be


  96. Bountiful Bushes

  97. Blossom & Vine Damask

  98. Beautiful…delicate… I would call it “Springtime in Paris”

  99. Lace chandelier damask

  100. Aribellas elegance

  101. Airebellas elegance

  102. Treasured Flowers

  103. Staff of Life Damask

  104. Twining Vines

  105. Twining Vines Damask Medallion

  106. Autumn’s Encore Damask Medallion

  107. Petite Foliage Damask

  108. Parisian Glam for the new damask stencil!!!!

  109. Serendipity Tree

  110. Drury Lane.

  111. Castelet tree
    Millefeuille (a french cake litterally called “thousand leaves”)
    Aroma tree
    Green vulture
    Green spirit
    So inspiring! 🙂

  112. ingrid van shipley


  113. Aspen Shimmer

  114. Eliza’s Trellis

  115. Beautiful stencil – name Royal Lilac

  116. Beautiful name – Royal Lilacs

  117. Paisley tree…or paistree

  118. Floral rain damask

  119. Floral rain

  120. Le Chateau Versailles Damask
    Damask Royal
    Tres Magnifique Damask

  121. Mille Fleurs
    (= a thousand flowers, in French).

  122. Proud Mary or Proud Dame

  123. ‘Arbre de vie….. Tree of life in French

  124. Jane of All Trades

    Enchanted Forest Damask

  125. Delicate Fancy Damask

  126. Tender lace is what comes to my mind

  127. Damascene

  128. “Malala” after our newest and youngest Nobel Prize winner.

  129. Garden Party

  130. Enchanted Forest

  131. Espalier Elegance

  132. Cascading Elegance

  133. Djinn Damask

    When I saw the new pattern I thought, “Arabic” and “magical”, hence, “Djinn Damask”. A djinn is a genie, as in “Your wish is my command”.

  134. Laurel Tree
    Laurel Lace
    Laurel Damask

  135. Floral trellis Daze, Floral trellis Days

  136. Secret Gardens

  137. Victorian Damask Dream!

  138. Wallflower, or Romantic Notions.

  139. Topkapi Trace. Reminds me of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul

  140. Sultan’s Saffron

  141. Flowering Tree of Spring

  142. Saffron of the Sultan

  143. Chantilly – the quintessential feminine floral lace, a perfect damask pattern.

  144. Filigree of undulating vine flowers.

  145. Blooming Elegance Damask

  146. Wow, fun naming. My inspiration…my travel in India
    Mughal Dreams
    Jaipur Jewels
    Zenana Mystery or Zenana Dreaming
    Jewels of the Taj
    Dancing Jewels

  147. Madeline in the Garden

  148. Chandelier Gardens

  149. Damask delight,
    Damask Jewels

  150. Flickering Filigree or Flickering Chandelier Damask

  151. Secret Garden

  152. Babylon damask or Bombay damask

  153. Celestial Body

  154. Taiyi Lanterns.
    These remind me of the floating Chinese paper lanterns the way they r laid out/grouped together. In their culture paper lanterns were used to celebrate Taiyi…The god of Heaven, in the hopes of bringing good fortune to its people, as he was believed to control the destiny of the human world.

  155. snowflake damask, Moroccan lantern damask, paper lantern damask,


  157. Le petite jardin
    Le jardin de fleurs

  158. Desert filigree

  159. Cosette – It makes me think of the garden where Cosette sees Marius (Les Miserables).

  160. Royal Lace

  161. Queen Anne’s Lace

  162. Floribunda

  163. Flowering Lattice

  164. Garden Elegance

  165. Peacock Trellis

  166. Wind in the willows

  167. Garden Gate

  168. moroccan lace

  169. The top of this beautiful stencil looks like an elegant light shimmering off of a vintage gate with climbing flowers. It reflects softness, charm and sends a softness throughout. How about Reflections of Grace Damask?

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