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Decorate a Nature Themed Nursery with Wall Stencils

What better place to look for nursery decor than the great outdoors? Royal Design Studio’s wall and furniture stencils from the Bonnie Christine Stencil Collection pair perfectly with this designer’s fabric line to help you create a cohesive nature theme in a baby’s nursery. By mixing and matching these products, you can decorate a room with pretty patterns that inspire love for the outdoors.

Bonnie Christine, a lifelong creative and self-taught illustrator, and her family live snuggled back in the forests of North Carolina. She is passionate about spending time outside and living simply. And that is what our new additions to her designer stencil collection are all about! With their fluid designs and easy DIY application, these stencils rebuff the complexity of society and restore the simplicity of nature. Wall Stencils and Furniture Stencils give you the DIY freedom to explore your child’s creativity as well as grow a style as adventurous as their personality.

Decorate a Nature Themed Nursery with Wall Stencils

Are you still foraging for wallpaper but can’t seem to find the PERFECT one? Forget the hassle of finding the wallpaper that perfectly fits your style – it’s all too expensive anyways! Branch out and be creative in your decorating by creating your own custom wallpaper look with Wall Stencils. Painting with tree design stencils makes this nursery an outdoor adventure baby won’t be able to wait to explore. And hey, we like it, too. You can see what supplies are used and the full tutorial here: Branch Out and Stencil a Tree Wallpaper Look.

Decorate a Nature Themed Nursery with Wall Stencils

We are seeing the CUTEST cactus wall designs in the trendiest rooms; however, most of what we are seeing is wallpaper. Let’s just face it: Wallpaper is a big commitment. Sometimes (or how about most of the time!) you aren’t ready for such a commitment and that’s when something inexpensive and easy to execute like this comes in. Using Wall Stencils and Sharpie markers is SUPER simple and HUGE on the cute factor. See the full tutorial here: How to Outline Cactus Wall Design Stencils to learn how you can transform your accent wall using Sharpie markers and Bonnie Christine Designer Stencils. This contemporary DIY project proves that permanent markers are for more than doodling. Write on!

Decorate a Nature Themed Nursery with Wall Stencils

Get starry eyed with your next room makeover by painting a night sky mural… the easy way! You can achieve the same night sky wall art look without being professional painter. The secret to a designer look for DIY beginners is Wall Stencils! You’ll be excited to the moon and back with how easy these designs are to use for your baby’s nursery or your own bedroom. See the full tutorial with the Keeping Watch Night Sky Wall Stencil here: How to Paint the Night Sky with Wall Stencils.

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