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Stencil DIY: A Customized Brush Holder

Stencil DIY: Brush Holder

Do you tote your stenciling tools from home to studio? Do you work on projects at a client’s home? This classy leather stencil brush holder is a lovely way to store and carry your prized collection.

The flexible design and easy steps made me want to make versions for colored pencils, fun markers and everything in my studio. Once you have fashioned the basic template, assembling multiples is simple and quick. (Consider keeping a paper template for later.)

If you have a college artist heading off to school soon, this DIY brush holder is the perfect send-off project to work on together.


Supplies for DIY Roll-up Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern


Measuring the leather for DIY Roll-up Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern

Weave Strip for DIY Roll-up Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern

Lay out the leather and place your pens, brushes or markers on top to decide on a final size. Mine is 9” tall by 16 ½” wide. Measure and cut your piece. Cut a long piece about 7/8” wide and about 22” long and set it aside. You will add it later.

Width-wise, find the center of the large leather piece. Draw two parallel lines along the width of the leather, approx. 7/8” apart from each other. Then, place vertical marks at one-inch distance on these lines  Use a knife to cut along the vertical marks to enable weaving the thin strip later.

Rounding leather piece corners for DIY Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern

Place a small object with a round edge on each square corner, mark and cut with scissors.


Paint with Copper Royal Stencil Creme on DIY Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern

On the shiny side of the leather, use a stencil brush and swirl a thin coat of Copper Kettle stencil crème over the entire surface and let dry. Do the same on the thin leather strip.


Stenciling the DIY Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern

Using your center mark, lay the stencil down and tape it. Stencil the pattern as shown across the entire surface using Metallic Teal and Patina Green as shown and let dry.


Sewing Details for DIY Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern

Turn the large piece over and weave the thin strip as shown, with the shiny side facing in. Hammer three small holes through both pieces of leather. Sew the pieces together. Hammer two holes at the end of the leather strip.  Sew on a bauble with a bit of weight to help secure the loop.

Add brushes to your masterpiece and  your artsy, beautiful piece is all ready to be used! Be sure to clean your stencil with Motsenbackers Lift-Off 5 stencil cleaner.

DIY Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern

DIY Roll-up Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern

DIY Roll-up Brush Holder | Paint + Pattern

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  1. Super cool idea! Goodness, I bought one of those fancy leather hole-punchers for the tote bag handles I make. Never thought of using a simple nail & hammer. Duh. This is great way to see new-to-me stencils too. How come I never noticed that one before!

  2. Hi Deb, funny how we all approach a project differently. I am enjoying using small-scale stencils lately and the Casbah Trellis reminds me of our Moroccan trips!

  3. Great idea…..Beautiful result. Wonderful Christmas gift idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That is fabulous, Debbie! Great tutorial!

  5. Thank you Brends and Nancy. This makes a great workshop!

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