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Debbie Hayes

DIY Cube Calendar with Number Stencils

Craft Stencils Tutorial - How to Create Cube Calendar DIY - Royal Design Studio

During March we are working on projects for our home offices on Paint + Pattern. My company, My Patch Of Blue Sky, is home-based and I’ve been fixing up my office during the past year. Nothing major-just small touches to improve efficiency and comfort, like the DIY Stenciled Cube Calendar project shared below. I spend many hours here by myself with Lacey Jane my kitty assistant, who is always close by.

My office décor can be described as “upscale flea market chic.” Warm and cozy, with funky, crusty finds thrown in to amuse me. The focal point is the old postal-style cubby on the desk that features my tiny pottery and figures from East Africa. On top I have piled several rusty items, including an old Tonka Jeep that is a favorite since I drive a Jeep Wrangler.

I noticed recently that I could use a simple calendar. Really simple. There’s no wall space anywhere to hang a traditional calendar. I wanted to fit the calendar in or on top of the postal cubby.

Brainstorm! Somewhere I saw a calendar made from two cubes with numbers on them. That’s it. Every day you just turn the cubes. Brilliant. The trick, I soon discovered, was where to put which numbers? Each cube only has six sides and there are 10 numbers. My artsy brain was so befuddled. Google to the rescue.

Stencil Supplies for DIY Cube Calendar Project - Royal Design Studio

Stencil Supplies for this Project:

  • Royal Design Studio French Number Stencils
  • Royal Design Studio ½” stencil brush
  • Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in Graphite and Old White
  • Clear Soft Wax
  • Paint Brush, lint-free wiping cloths, 220-grit sandpaper, Clear Shellac (optional), disposable brush
  • 2 wood blocks large enough to fit the stencils. I used post lumber cut at Home Depot, given to me for free because it was scrap wood

To start:

Sand the edges of the cubes and wipe off. If your wood has lots of knots you can brush on a coat of shellac with a disposable brush to seal them. Follow the directions on the can. Clear Shellac dries very quickly, and is a good barrier coat as you can paint any type of paint over it.

Stencil Supplies for DIY Cube Calendar Project - Royal Design Studio

Paint two coats of Chalk Paint® on the cubes. I chose to paint one cube Graphite and one Old White. Let dry. Ask your kitty assistant to guard the valuable supplies. Bribe with tuna.

Stenciling Numbers for DIY Cube Calendar - Royal Design Studio

Use the configuration of numbers shown above to stencil the cubes. The line of four numbers goes around the cube and the other two numbers go on the top and bottom.

Dip just the tips of the stencil brush into the paint and offload excess paint onto the paper towels. Use a swirling motion to stencil one or two coats. Use Old White on Graphite and Graphite on Old White. Let dry.

DIY Cube Calendar Project with Number Stencils - Royal Design Studio

Sand all over to distress slightly, and wipe off the residue. Apply a coat of Clear Soft Wax. Remove any excess with a clean soft cloth. Buff to a soft sheen.

Turn the cubes to today’s date and decide where your rustic calendar cubes will reside.

Sometimes I get caught up in large stenciling projects, and I have to say this little one was really fun-and it’s functional too!

 DIY Cube Calendar Project with Number Stencils - Royal Design Studio

Want more stenciling projects for your home office? Stay tuned to Paint + Pattern all month. I will be demonstrating how I etched these old barn door windows (in the background of the photos) and stenciling a small sign using my company logo. I hope you will be inspired to create some of your own stenciled office projects. It’s a great way to create some personal accents in your own creative work space!

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects


  1. Debbie Dion Hayes

    Thank you Danielle and looking forward to your projects!

  2. Thanks for the great idea! I am totally doing this. Also really enjoy your vignette styling!

  3. Debbie Dion Hayes

    Hey Deb! Love when a tiny project is so “smart” LOL. Thanks for your sweet feedback.

  4. Love these, so adorable!!

  5. Debbie Dion Hayes….. Thanks for this project. I made some for myself and I love them. Looking forward to more inspiration from you in 2016…..Keep it coming.

  6. Debbie

    Thanks Rebekah! Sometimes a little project can be soooo satisfying!

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