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Use Stencils to Create DIY Garden Ornaments

Use Stencils to Create DIY Garden Ornaments | Paint + Pattern

Now that the kiddos are back in school and a few leaves are starting to drop, are you sad, bored or shouting for joy? Need a cute adult project to do with friends and coffee out on the deck? Try this one!

The little Sweet Tweets Lace bird stencils were such a huge hit when they flew in to Royal Design Studio last year. I have been dying to use them for a project, but was waiting for a brainstorm to hit. Finally an idea struck. Let’s use some leftover copper from my recent DIY Stenciled Metal Artwork post and create two-dimensional stenciled birdies to add to outside (and inside) container gardens.

NOTE: This is an adult project. You must wear eye protection, long sleeves, and especially, heavy leather gloves. Also, follow all manufacturer directions on the glue package. Be sure you have had your tetanus booster or be prepared to get one if you cut yourself. (Yes, I learned from experience.)


Supplies for DIY Garden Ornaments | Paint + Pattern

  • Royal Design Studio’s Sweet Tweets Lace Bird stencil set. (I was limited to the stencils that would fit on my narrow strips of copper.
  • Royal Design Studio’s Small stencil brushes
  • Florence, Antibes and Provence Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan
  • Motsenbackers Lift-Off to clean the stencils
  • Sheet metal scraps like copper or tin
  • Tin foil for a palette, paper towels like Bounty, glue that will hold wire piece (I used Quick Hold Contact Adhesive for crafts), wire pieces, metal cutters, pliers, cotton balls, nail polish remover, Sharpie, eye protection, leather gloves and wire strippers (if needed)


Sweet Tweets Lace Bird Stencil DIY | Paint + Pattern

Cut metal into manageable sizes. Lay a Tweet stencil on the metal and tape it in position. Using a Sharpie, trace the outer cutting areas, except for the bird’s feet. Stencil the floral part of the stencil with one or two coats of Chalk Paint, letting the beautiful patina be the bird’s body. Make several birds using different Tweets and colors of Chalk Paint®. Let dry.


DIY Garden Ornaments | Paint + Pattern

Slowly cut out the bird on the outline using the metal cutters. TIP: if you first remove most of the extra metal all aund the outline, it will be easier to trim the profile of the bird. Remove black outlines with a cotton ball and nail polish remover.


DIY Garden Ornaments | Paint + Pattern

Using pliers and your hands, make “feet” similar to the ones in the photo with a long end to push into the container later. Don’t get hung up on it, they just need to simulate bird feet. TIP: I asked my hubby to find wire and he brought some that needed to be stripped using a sharp knife and a wire stripper. That worked great.


DIY Garden Ornaments | Paint + Pattern

Lay all of the birds upside down on a piece of tin foil. Clean the backsides with a nail polish remover. Lay the wire feet in position on each bird and add a bit of tape. Follow the directions on the glue package (like ventilation, etc.)and glue the feet with a Q-tip. Lay another piece of tin foil on top of the birds, then place a heavy book or object on top for the duration of the curing time.

DIY Garden Ornaments | Paint + Pattern

DIY Garden Ornaments | Paint + Pattern

DIY Garden Ornaments | Paint + Pattern

Add these adorable rustic stenciled birds wherever a little whimsy is needed. They catch the sun and make me smile!

For more stencil ideas, check out our How to + DIY section.

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects


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