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Debbie Hayes

DIY Stenciled and Gilded Slate Artwork

DIY Stenciled and Gilded Slate Artwork | Paint + Pattern

Are you a passionate artist who is guilty of hoarding all sorts of leftover goodies “just in case you need them.” I know I am and I confess it. As a contributor to Paint+Pattern I do accumulate leftover bits I feel the need to use up later. So to follow up on my recent posts on the fabulous gilding at the Palace of Versailles and creating the Gilded Books DIY, here is another project that used the left over Gold Leaf on slate tiles to create a gorgeous work of art!

Stencil Supplies by Royal Design Studio via Paint + Pattern


  • Royal Design Studio Gold Leaf, Royal Stencil Size, Stencil Cremes and Stencil brushes
  • Royal Design Studio’s French Numbers stencil
  • Slate tiles from any hardware store like Home Depot
  • 220-grit sandpaper, scissors, small paint roller, any glue like Gorilla Glue, good quality paper towels like Bounty, hammer, color palette, flat brushes, rags, spray bottle of water

Slate Tiles for Slate Artwork DIY via Paint + Pattern

STEP ONE: Shop for some slate tiles and clean them with water. I was headed for the roofing department for plain roof tiles and happened to stop by these tiles in the tile area. I loved the colors and their variations, so I bought four to allow room for experimentation. They were quite cheap at that, about $1.75 each.

STEP TWO: If your tiles are too uniform from all sides, use a hammer to tap gently along the edges. Be sure to wear some protective glasses and understand that the tiles will chip unevenly, which is what we want here. I played with all the four tiles and loved how artsy the pieces that broke off wereso I set them aside.Applying Royal Stencil Size before gold leaf application | Paint + Pattern

STEP THREE: Place some Stencil Size onto any disposable surface like a tin foil and use a roller to roll on the size on select raised areas on the tile. Let dry and come to tack for a few minutes.

STEP FOUR: Remove pieces of Gold Leaf one at a time and tap into place with a soft brush. You can opt for an additional step if you would like to get a slightly distressed look – lightly sand the gold leaf with a 220-grit sandpaper.

Disposable color palette for Royal Stencil Creme |Paint + Pattern

Paint with Stencil Creme by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

STEP FIVE: (At this point I focused on my favorite piece) Create a color palette of Stencil Crèmes using colors of your choice. Have a spray bottle of water nearby to add to the paint as needed. Paint the slate tile with a brush in places that you think would make the piece look artsy. This is totally up to your visual appeal with no right or wrong. Stop when you love the look and let dry.

Say hello to the cat | Paint + Pattern

STEP FIVE (Optional): Explain to your very paws-on kitty that she really does not need to pose for every photo – or assist with the painting step. She will not be pleased 🙂

STEP SIX  (Optional): Use some glue like Gorilla Glue and add broken pieces for added depth and interest. Follow directions on the glue package. (You will probably need to let it set overnight.)

Stenciling on Slate Artwork DIY via Paint + Pattern

STEP SEVEN: Place the number stencils around these plates as you please and stencil with two layers of stencil creme. I used numbers connected to family birthdays.

Slate Art Work


  • I used the jute string and a nail that were already in my bathroom niche. Tie the jute string into two loops such that you can slide them onto your artwork from either end. Suspend the artwork over the nail and adjust the strings for level.
  • Lean the artwork inside a bookcase or on a shelf
  • Use a plate hanger that will hold the weight of the piece
  • Mount the artwork on a board cut to fit and add hardware to hang on the wall or lean on a mantel.

Slate Art Work 3

North Carolina Pottery via Paint + Pattern

I’m really happy with the way my piece coordinated with collected North Carolina pottery and South Carolina baskets that I have hung in the same room. Now I have three more pieces of slate to finish soon!

Slate Art Work DIY via Paint + Pattern

I hope this fun, easy and creative project sparks some ideas for you to create an artwork of your own. We would love to hear more about it, so do email us about your stencil projects at projects@royaldesignstudio.com or you can even share them on Royal Design Studio’s Facebook page.

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects


  1. Deb

    Beautiful! This does spark some ideas. I love slate tiles – was recently admiring accent tiles at Home Depot that mix slate and copper metal tiles. And yessss, very familiar with that “look” from a kitty that wants to be involved. Gorgeous kitty!

  2. Thersa B Giffin

    Love this Debbie,
    As always, your organic, use what you have style has inspired me! Thank you.

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