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Regina Garay

Door-geous Stenciling on Glass!

First impressions are everything! Having an attractive front entrance to the home is a wonderful way to welcome family and friends. Many times, a home comes standard with just the basics but you CAN use stencils to add dramatic curb appeal! Jules from Juba Life found herself with a plain window running vertically along her front door entrance. She wanted (quiet) drama, pattern and privacy, too! She decided the perfect answer was to frost and stencil the glass window. Love that idea! Using stencils on glass is easy and can be oh-so-durable with the right materials. Let’s take a closer look at Jules’ stenciled front door project with Royal Design Studio stencils!


Plain Glass Window Makeover

Hollywood Squares Mylar Stencil Collage | Royal Design Studio

While there are a variety of ways to stencil glass, Jules decided to use a frosting spray to stencil her design on the glass door window. The first image shows you the plain glass windows she started with. She made sure she cleaned the glass thoroughly of fingerprints, grease and dirt and with the help of a Facebook poll, the Hollywood Squares Stencil from the Allover Modern Stencils Collection was chosen. She loved the pattern as she felt it complimented the clean lines of her house.

Stencil a Frosted Effect on Glass Door Window | Hollywood Squares Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Jules prepped the sides of the window and floor to prevent the frosting spray from sticking to the wrong surface. In addition to frosting, you can also stencil with paints made for glass and Chalk Paint® decorative paint sticks like a dream, too. If you’re concerned about your materials bonding to the glass, use Faux Effects PrimEtch as a first coat primer as it enables a strong bond and provides a great surface to work on. You can use stencil adhesive to prevent seepage under the stencil for a perfect glass finish, too! Jules shared her DIY Stenciling on Glass project along with a few tips she learned on the process.
Stencil a Frosted Effect on Glass Door Window | Hollywood Squares Stencil by Royal Design Studio
Voila! Her stenciled doorway! We think the stenciling on glass added a subtle, contemporary design to the front door along with a super pretty way to add privacy. Have you stenciled on glass? Be sure to leave us a comment telling us all about your project! Better yet, SHARE it with the world on our Royal Design Studio Stencils Facebook Page, or email a pic and details to projects(at)royaldesignstudio.com

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