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Easy DIY Wall Art with Plywood and Vinyl

See how to create a unique piece of portable wall art in a matter of minutes, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy all the little things in life!

When designing or decorating a room, one element I’m always on the lookout for is fresh, original art for the walls. If I can use wood scraps or leftover materials I already have on hand at the house, all the better!


For example, I recently put together a large piece of artwork to display on top of the board and batten in our upstairs hallway. I used some scrap wood, stain, paint and a Wallternatives™ vinyl wall decal to create my masterpiece.

Supplies you’ll need for this project:


Plywood or scrap wood measuring 21 inches by 23 inches (I trimmed a piece out of plywood using a skill saw.)

Wallternatives™ The Little Things Vinyl Wall Decal (Medium W-V-QT128M)

Royal Stencil Cremes in Antique Silver, Aged Nickel or Smoked Oyster

Stencil brush

Wood stain (I used Driftwood and Kona.)

Foam roller, brush or rag to apply stain

Step 1: Cut out a piece of wood measuring 21 inches by 23 inches, then apply a driftwood-colored stain to the board, both front and back.

Step 2: After the first coat of stain dries, layer over it a second coat of darker stain, such as Kona, to give it more depth and interest.

Tip: If the stain application comes out thicker or darker than desired, use a damp cloth (rather than a dry one) to remove more excess stain from the piece.


Step 3: Using a small stencil brush and a mixture of metallic Royal Design Stencil Crèmes, paint the sides of the board, covering over the raw wood edges. This will give the wood a finished look.


Step 4: After the stain and paint dry thoroughly, position The Little Things Vinyl Wall Decal on the front of the board. Remove the backing and begin applying the decal to the wood.

Tip: Using a squeegee, smooth the surface and remove any wrinkles or air bubbles that may be present. Leaving air bubbles can cause an uneven finish and improper adherence to the surface. Work from the middle and move outward, pushing air bubbles toward an edge to remove them.


Step 5: Enjoy your new, original piece of artwork!


If your goal is to hang this piece on a wall rather than displaying it on a ledge, it’s super simple to add two saw-tooth hangers to the back or apply several adhesive strips to secure it. Whether you hang it or simply prop it up, you have an original piece of wall art that is easy to move around from room to room as the mood strikes. This is the perfect option for renters, college students, or decorators who like to keep it fresh!


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