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Amisha Desai

New Damask Stencil: Name it to Win it

Post Update: This contest in now closed. 

The winning stencil name was Majestic Medina Damask suggested by Valerie Marozzi.

Find the Majestic Medina Damask Stencil on Royal Design Studio.

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Name it to Win it Contest | Paint + Pattern

Name it to Win it is back!

We are specially excited to introduce this gorgeous new stencil because it was designed for our 8 Day Paint & Play Artisan Adventure with Melanie Royals in Marrakech that is happening right now! Look for pics on Instagram and Facebook! Wish you could join in the fun? We are already booking for two more trips in 2015!

This Damask wall stencil’s graceful curves and ornate floral pattern will bring elegance to any home décor and furniture stencil project. Whether you choose to get a rich look using Royal Stencil Cremes or go with a chic matte finish using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, this pattern is designed to entice!

But, we have a small problem. Before we make it available in our Damask Stencil Collection, we need to find a perfect name for this perfect stencil! It’s a proven fact that our best stencil names have come from you guys in the past. So, we call upon you once again!

Leave your best name suggestion in our comments section below before midnight, Nov 9th. If we PICK it, you WIN it! Good luck!

Note: To prevent spam on our site, all comments need to be approved. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away!

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  1. chandelier should be the name.

  2. Love this stencil!! How about naming it, “Chantilly”!?

  3. How about “Marrakech Express” from the old Crosby, Stills & Nash song! Or just ” Crosby Still & Neat”. very Pretty!

  4. Pandoras Box , Ballie Nights , Chantilly Lace , Midnight in Paris , Moonlight in Paris .

  5. Flames of Marrakech or Moroccan Flame or Phoenix Rising. Flames of the Dragon. It looks like flames in the pattern. and in the center of the damask/ medallion, if you look close it looks like a face/skull wearing a headdress.

  6. Moroccan Melody

  7. Royal Decadence

  8. Damascus Pearl, Pearl of the East or the Rose of Damascus aka Rose of Castile. There are also pointed star shaped flowers in the stencil that remind me of jasmine flowers, so Jasmines Flame or Flame of Jasmine.

  9. Majestic Medina Damask

  10. Majestic Mughal damask

  11. Majestic Mughal Allover.

  12. Versailles.

  13. Casablanca would be a pretty name for this lovely stencil.

  14. Because of the crown like upward sweeps and the flowing downward curve this stencil reminds me of an ancient queen in her crown and royal gown. I think Artisian Queen Damask would reflect the beauty and grace of this design…Beautiful!!

  15. Whoops! The spelling should be Artisan Queen Damask. Sorry!

  16. I think a great name might be Fontainebleau

  17. Imperial Dance

  18. How about Chandelier

  19. “On Golden Pond”

  20. I take mine back “Casa Sheik”.

  21. .. Bohemian Brocade ..

  22. …. Bohemian Brocade ..

  23. Bruxelles damask

  24. Night at the Casbah Damask

  25. Day Dream’s Damask

  26. Rock the Casbah damask. I like that better than my other:)

  27. Regal Damask

  28. Renaissance.

  29. Flaming Romantic Night Damask

  30. Scheherazade Damask, Regalia Damask, Multifiore Elegance

  31. Florentine

  32. “A Night In Marrakech” or just “Marrakech”

  33. A Night In Marrakech” or just “Marrakech”

  34. Namaste Noir, Raja ki Duniya,

  35. Bella (for ‘beautiful’)

  36. Antoinette Damask,
    Empress Damask,
    Versailles Damask,
    Champs Elysee Damask,
    Parisian Song Damask,
    Parisian Chic Damask,
    Royal Splash Damask

  37. Amisha Damask

  38. Fleur d’ Lace Damask

  39. Princess Grace

  40. Venetian chandelier

  41. Royal Garlands

  42. “Royal Endeavor” or “Queen for a day”

  43. My first thought was Rock the Kasbah . That was already suggested so my new thought is
    My thoughts all came from reading the artists comments on your amazing adventure!

  44. Damsel in Distress

  45. I like Happy Harvest!! So pretty!!

  46. Les Milles et Une Nuits =1001 night

  47. My name suggestion is: Asian Dragon Damask

  48. Reali Damask (Royalty Damask in Italian)
    Reggia Damask (Royal Palace Damask in Italian)
    Castello Reale Damask (Royal Castle Damask in Italian)

  49. Madagascar

  50. Empire Damask or Ornate Empire Damask!

  51. Arabesque Paisley

  52. I think you should call it dememara… It is elegant, golden and sweet…

  53. Provence

  54. Hot Nights in Marrakech Damask

  55. Oriental Garland Damask

  56. Tangier Melody

    or Tangiers Damask.

  57. Cascading Arabesque Damask

  58. These are my possibilities…

    Evening in Paris
    Eve a` Paris
    Chambre` d`Amour
    Maison de Chase
    Breakfast at Tiff’s
    Casablanca Lover
    Leaving Tangier

    I love so many of the other suggestions above. Everyone is so creative! Can’t wait to see the winning name!

  59. Grand Salon Damask

  60. Imperial Andalusian Dance

  61. Vintage Royal Damask or Royal Vintage Damask

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