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Melanie Royals

Flamenco Dress Up at La Feria de Abril

Flamenco is a passionate dance with it’s roots and influences in Moorish, Gypsy, Jewish, African and even South American culture. The dancers ad-lib each performance from their heart and soul to beautiful voices, Spanish guitars, and percussive hand clapping. It gets inside you and is deeply moving  to watch and experience. If you are a woman, and you think like me, you want to experience that freedom and passion too–but most importantly–you want to wear one of those DRESSES!


If you are lucky enough to be one of the beautiful ladies of Sevilla you get the opportunity, once a year, to play the dress-up part in the week long La Feria de Abril. We were there a week before the start of this annual festival that attracts over a million visitors, so did not get to see and experience this full-blown event but the dresses, hair flowers and combs, and oversized earrings were on display in MANY store windows.


You could be pretty in pink…


…rock some serious polka dots with even more serious fringe…


…go basic in demure white…


…or choose from literally any color in the rainbow! Tell me ladies, how GOOD would YOU feel wearing one of these dresses?!


  1. Which one of these dresses is your, Melanie ? I’d love to see it. Oh, what fun it must be to wear one of these fabulous dresses.

  2. Melanie

    Unfortunately–none! I love them all though!!

  3. Heaven surely must be lined with ruffles and lace! All of them are so beautiful. Could you resist even one?

  4. I’d feel beautiful — and ready to dance! Thank you for the images, Melanie. My fave is the demure white…or maybe the yellow one. 😉

  5. I want the pink one, to wear to afternoon pick-up (school, of course) and swim meets!

    • Dlee - flamencoresurrection

      Me too – I want them all for different occasions – grocery shopping, house hunting, cooking, doing dishes and our back yard bonfires – Ole’!

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