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Amisha Desai

Blossoming Floral Wall Decal Décor Ideas

Floral Vinyl Wall Decals by Wallternatives

Floral Decals are a great way to keep Spring alive in your home throughout the year! Whether you want to decorate your room or create fun art work, our multipurpose floral decals are sure to brighten up your home! Let’s take a look some creative ways to use these floral wall decals shared by our blogger friends in the last few weeks.

Colorful Wall Art

Canvas Art via Paddy's House | Just Floral You Vinyl Wall Decal Set by Wallternatives

Leslie of Puddy’s House loves to create wall art of her own. When she saw our Just Floral You Vinyl Wall Decal Set, she fell in love with the pretty patterns. She layered yellow, teal and gray colored floral stems to design a customized wall art that makes for an eye-catching work of art. Since these stems come in sets of two or three, she has enough left over for another project around the house!

 “I really like the pops of color it adds to my Craft Room,” said Leslie.

Blooming Room Makeover

Room Makeover via A Delightsome Life |Graphic Roses Vinyl Wall Decal by Wallternatives

Kathy of A Delightsome life wanted to give a grown up look to her youngest daughter’s room. She went with the gorgeous Graphic Roses Vinyl Wall Decal to redecorate this room to reflect her daughter’s unique style. We think the rose decals look fabulous with the gray-violet wall color!

The vinyl decals are made from Oracal 631 – giving these beautiful graphic designs a matte finish and the look of being hand painted,” said Kathy.

Lovely Bathroom Mirror


Our decals work great on any smooth surface including mirrors! Sharon of Bringing Creativity to Life decided to dress her apartment mirror with our lovely Rose Bouquet Frame Vinyl Wall Decal in metallic gold color. To fit the wall decal on her mirror, she made a few tweaks to the original pattern. She started with making a few paper copies of the wall decal, trimmed them into several parts and played with the arrangement till she found the one she liked. She used this arrangement as guide to help her apply the actual frame in place. The mirror makes her feel like a princess and we absolutely love the idea!

“You get to choose from 18 cool colors and multiple sizes for my project. So it really becomes YOUR project! And the colors include two matte metallics which is perfect for a gal like me who likes a little glam in her life,” said Sharon.

These are just a few examples that show you the versatility of our Floral Decals Collection. Be sure to visit us on Instagram and Pinterest to explore fabulous new ideas and be inspired to create something unique of your own!

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