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Amisha Desai

Three Ways to keep it fresh with Summer Days Flower Wall Decal

Come rain or shine, keep summer alive in your home with beautiful Summer Days Flower Vinyl decals by Wallternatives™. We found three creative ways in which you could use wall decals around the house, so let’s take a look.

One: Brighten up a bookcase 

Lets Eat Grandpa - Summer Days Flower Decal bookcase 3 copy

Projects like Cori’s DIY Ikea bookcase, seem so simple, yet so clever and we wonder, why didn’t I think of that. She simply painted the back of this common bookcase with Martha Stewart Mariner paint and placed our Summer Days Flower wall decals on it. The bookcase now looks customized!

I was surprised how big the decal was — and that there were two! I ended up only using one of them for this project — I’ll save the other for another project.”

We can’t wait to see what Cori creates with her other wall decal! Meanwhile, be sure to check out her bookcase DIY blog post on Let’s Eat Grandpa for a step-by-step tutorial.

Two: Freshen up a nursery

Mabey She Made It - Summer Days Flower decal 6

Lisa of Mabey She Made it had another clever idea where she freshened up the look of two things in her nursery with one vinyl decal! She trimmed off a branch from the original wall decal  for her bed stand. She then applied the rest of the decal on the wall behind the bed stand to tie them together. Such a great way to brighten up an adorable nursery corner within minutes!

A lot of the time, it takes me way too long to create an atmosphere that I really like when it comes to decorating a room. But do you want to know one of my secrets? Vinyl. I love the stuff so much for the way it can transform a space into something that looks beautiful, professional, and put together with minimal effort.”

With its peach colored bed stand, gray walls and our pretty floral wall decals, this nursery is all set for Lisa’s expecting baby! Don’t you agree?

Three: Wall decal on a stenciled wall

Wallternatives_Summer Days Flower Stencil

Make a unique statement by using wall decals on  a beautifully stenciled wall. This pretty pink wall, stenciled using our Teardrop Trellis wall stencil creates a field for our blooming floral decals. With hundreds of wall stencils and over 20 color options for our wall decals, you can colorize your home décor to match your personal style.

Want to create a garden? We have several Floral Designer Wall Decals to choose from! Be sure to share your amazing projects by emailing us at projects@royaldesignstudio.com or post to our Facebook page or share on Instagram with #wallternatives!

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