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Four on the Floor! Fab Painted & Stenciled Floor Projects

Painted & Stenciled Floor Ideas | Stencils by Royal Design Studio

Painting and stenciling a floor can create quite the impact — in fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! With stencils, you have SO many design and color options that you can easily tailor to your existing furnishings and decorating style. AND with stencils, you have the choice to keep the pattern neutral with tone-on-tone colors or create a conversation-starter with brighter colors in your home. Most all floor surfaces can be painted and stenciled including wood, cement, vinyl, and tile to name a few. Stenciling is a creative DIY project that is the perfect answer to those less-than-perfect, damaged and outdated floors, too! The stencil patterns chosen can also tie in an entire room’s existing design cohesively, or be the starting point for an entire room overhaul — and let’s face it, they just look SO cool.

Below we share 4 fun floor stencil projects by creative bloggers to get your ideas flowing….

Bob Vila recently featured one of the stenciled concrete floors in Marrakesh’s Peacock Pavilions, owned by blogger and author Maryam Montague. The stencil used is our Camel Bone Weave Moroccan stencil which adds a modern bohemian feel that softens what could have been a stark room. The stenciled floor was also featured in Maryam’s book, Marrakesh by Design.

Painted & Stenciled Floor Ideas | Contempo Trellis Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Brooke Ulrich of All Things Thrifty solved a wood floor design dilemma for herself by using stencils. She had longed for a patterned entry rug but either found them too expensive or not quite the right size. Our Contempo Trellis Wall Stencil pattern from our Allover Modern Stencils Collection came to the rescue! She was able to map out exactly the area she wanted to create her stenciled rug on the wood floor AND easily use the perfect colors, too — and all within budget!

Painted & Stenciled Floor Ideas | Houndstooth Stencil by Royal Design Studio

The dreaded outdoor patio with the generic tile — that’s the flooring project McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam found herself facing! She knew she wanted to get rid of her “ugly tile” with a dreaded green color and bring in a more youthful, modern energy to her outdoor area. She used our Houndstooth Allover Stencil in her preferred colors, added bright furniture and accents and stenciled her way to a space she enjoys to relax in!

Painted & Stenciled Floor Ideas | Morccan Arches Allover Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Tara from Dump Your Frump had a limestone floor that scratched easily and always looked dirty even when perfectly clean. Her divine inspiration to transform the stone floor? Stencils! She ordered the Large Moroccan Arches Stencil from the Allover Moroccan Stencil Collection because not only did she love the design, she knew “the larger the stencil, the less the work”. She shared her fabulous stenciled stone floor project on her blog.

With the right materials and your favorite stencil pattern, you too can tackle your own DIY Floor Stencil Project! We have special Stenciling on Floors tutorials within our extensive How to Stencil resources on our website just for YOU. After you’ve done your own stenciled floor projects, please be sure to share them with us as we’d love to see them!

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