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The Joys of Stenciling with Geometric Patterns

The Joys of Stenciling with Geometric Patterns | Paint + Pattern

Geometric patterns are hot in design right now and who can resist them? Both the straight lines and curves of a graphic geometric pattern add pop to any room. The designs can be used on walls and feature areas, textiles such as pillows and rugs or as a striking accent in a kitchen or bath. Geometric stencil patterns from Royal Design Studio can be decidedly retro, exude global chic and also fit right in with modern or contemporary interiors. We’ve brought together a few projects with stencil designs that just might inspire you to jump with geometric joy!

Mykonos Trellis Geometric Wall Stencil | Royal Design Studio

The Mykonos Trellis Stencil is inspired by Greece and versatile enough for tone on tone applications or striking, as this one with metallic Royal Stencil Crème Paints.

Hollywood Squares Stencil | Royal Design Studio

The Hollywood Squares Stencil exudes a hip, global flair here on wall panels. For more inspired stencil ideas, be sure to check out 5 Clever Ways to Use the Hollywood Squares Stencil post.

African Plumes Stencil | Royal Design Studio

Depending on how they are used, geometric patterns can also have a deco or tribal vibe. The African Plumes Stencil can be stenciled in a single color or with contrasting colors for a unique look.

Modern Chevron Stencil Wall Sencil | Royal Design Studio

The fireplace is certainly the focal point here with a two-color scheme and our Modern Chevron Wall Stencil. Striking and beautiful!

Nova Trellis Stencil | Royal Design Studio

The Nova Trellis Stencil is a perennial favorite of Designers and DIYers alike! It’s got a unique and modern twist to the classic harlequin pattern that flows easily between traditional and contemporary interiors.

Braided Herringbone Stencil | Royal Design Studio

The Braided Herringbone Stencil has a super fashionable twist to the standard herringbone pattern with a unique stripe effect. Using one or several colors, you can stencil the pattern all the way through on your surface or stagger the design creatively as seen here. Oh – and the haute pattern on the scarf is the Tribal Stencil.

Step Up Triangles Stencil | Royal Design Studio

Stencils can NEVER be boring – even in shades of white. The Step Up Triangles Stencil looks gorgeous here on the fresh bedroom setting.

Get Ziggy With It Stencil | Royal Design Studio

Bright colors also work incredibly well with geometric patterns. The Get Ziggy With It Wall Stencil looks phenomenal here when used as a stenciled backsplash.

Is your head swimming with fabulous lines and curves?  Whatever your design leanings, geometric patterns are fun and bold with bright colors and yet can also be a powerful design done in neutrals. Although the look is trending right now, the patterns are timeless and will never truly go out of style. With stencils, it’s easy to add the refreshing visual appeal of these patterns to surfaces, large and small – and here you thought you’d never use geometry again!

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