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Amisha Desai

Mix Up Stencils to Get a Cute Girls’ Bedroom

Mix & Match Stencils to Create a Cute Girls Bedroom | Paint + Pattern

Unlike any other wall covering, stencils give you the freedom to create anything! You can even mix and match completely unrelated wall stencils. Sky’s the limit! Go ahead decorate how you want with what you want. Be bold. Be unique. The secret to achieve this creative freedom? Use a great color scheme!

See how Merissa brilliantly uses vibrant colors to bring together delicate birds, a modern rose pattern, and a gallery wall in this cute girls bedroom.

Girls Bedroom Before Stenciling | Paint + Pattern

The bedroom looked something like this before Merissa worked up her charm on it.

Stencils by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

She purchased two very different stencil patterns from Royal Design StudioSweet Tweets Lace Bird Stencil Set (left) and Rockin’ Roses Damask Stencil (right).

Sweet Tweet Birds Stencil Set for a Girls Bedroom | Paint + Pattern

To make them work together, she stenciled the birds on wires in assorted bright colors that complemented the aqua blue stencil pattern on the lower half of all four walls.

Wondering how to create the look of birds on a wire? Check out our Stencil How-to: Birds on a Wire tutorial.

Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil for a Girls Bedroom | Paint + Pattern

For an adjacent wall, Merissa made a gallery wall with decorative art in the same color palette as the stenciled birds and more fun patterns, including the Rockin’ Roses Stencil. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Dresser Makeover for a Girls Bedroom | Paint + Pattern

She completed the room by painting the furniture and accessories to go with the mixed and matched color palette of the rest of the room.

Be sure to check out ‘Valeria’s Bedroom’ on Merissa’s blog, to see how she upcycled the dresser and the lamp for this girls’ bedroom.

Mix & Match Stencil Patterns for a Cute Girls Bedroom | Paint + Pattern

See how lovely these stencil patterns harmoniously sing together now!

Ready to experiment with multiple stencil patterns for your projects? Tell us which ones you would pair in your comment below.

Looking for more stencil ideas to decorate a girls’ bedroom? Check out our Pinterest board: Stenciled and Painted Kids’ Rooms.

As always, we want to see your beautiful stencil creations! Email your pictures to us at projects@royaldesignstudio.com or you can Instagram your projects and tag us with #royaldesignstudio.

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