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Regina Garay

The Traditional and Eclectic Stylings of Modern Haciendas

One of the prettiest Haciendas in Mexico via Paint + PatternHacienda of Sculptor, Jorge Marín as photographed by Paul Costello

Haciendas in Latin America have enthralled travelers for ages. These large estates and plantations have dwellings that welcome traveling guests as well as family while showcasing incredible Mexican and Spanish architecture. Modern day artists, architects and designers have infused bright colors and contemporary design with gorgeous tiled flooring, vaulted ceilings and other architectural highlights to envelope visitors with vigor, beauty and warmth. Many of the refurbished haciendas double as farms and are situated perfectly within a superb mountain or forest scenery.  Sounds glorious, doesn’t it? Let’s take a trek through some of the prettiest haciendas Latin America has to offer!

Hacienda Yucatan via Paint + Pattern

Beautiful flooring and lined painted walls at the Hacienda San Antonio Millet give a fresh, crisp touch to this beautiful retreat. Photographed by Nils Preston Schlebusch.

Bright Colored Haciendas via Paint + Pattern

Both warm and cool colors delight the senses in these stunning hacienda hotel retreats. Mesón San Sebastián (left) was featured on Flickr and Hacienda Puerta Campeche (right) was photographed by Michael Calderwood for Architectural Digest.

Talavera Tile Flooring at Hacienda Montecristo via Paint + Pattern

Hacienda Monte Cristo enchants with colorful Talavera tiles and a mix of Mediterranean and Mexican style.

A Bedroom at Hacienda Petac via Paint + Pattern

Each of the seven rooms is designed differently at Hacienda Petac, a 17th century estate located on 250 acres.  All have high ceilings and tiled floors in keeping with the traditional hacienda style.

Pretty ceiling pattern at Hacienda Cayara Bolivia via Paint + Pattern

Hacienda Museo Cayara is Bolivia’s oldest colonial hacienda and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I am so glad that painted mural ceiling is being preserved! Travel + Leisure recently named it one of the Best South American Haciendas. Image via Flickr.

Relaxing courtyard at Hacienda Merida via Paint + Pattern

Casa Lecanda aims to offer ‘an original sense of home’ amidst lush scenery. The home was restored in 2009 along with the original woodwork, clay floors and finishes. Antique French tiles were discovered in one of the three patios and now you can rest over them on authentic Merida hammocks.

The traditional and eclecti style of Hacienda De Jorge Pardo Mexico via Paint + Pattern

A traditional and eclectic style bathroom at Hacienda Coqui Coqui via Paint + Pattern

The New York Times’ T Magazine featured Merida, Mexico as part of their Travel Diary series and showcased the home of artist Jorge Pardo and the Coqui Coqui Hacienda.  Photography by Paul Costello.

A luxury suite in an Argentian Hacienda via Paint + Pattern

The rooms at the Estancia El Colibri reflect a native love of Argentina and a distinct nod to European design. The hacienda was featured in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. High praise, indeed.

An exterior view of Hacienda Yucatan via Paint + Pattern

The lovely Casa Lecanda pops up again here with its restored patios and architectural features. Be sure to see a video of the grounds to take in more of its surroundings.

Room with a pool in a Hacienda in Mexico via Paint + Pattern

A lap pool entices right outside a guest room. It’s an intoxicating mix of varying green colors, crisp whites and nature! Via T Magazine and photographed by Paul Costello.

There are some hacienda properties that had become dilapidated and have been lovingly restored to their original splendor. Most feature design details that have stood the test of time: stoneworks, stucco, interior wall stencils, tile and iron to name a few. Many original haciendas have both a casa principal (the main house) and portales (spaces overlooking the grounds) as well as a chapel. We hope we’ve encouraged you to visit some of these incredible locations where history and tradition meet modern-day design.


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