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Halloween DIY: Stencil Trick-or-Treat Bags

Halloween-DIY-Stencil-Canvas-trick-or-treat-bags Get more boo for your budget by stenciling your own Trick-or-Treat bags! You can customize them to match your kid’s costumes or personalize them with their names! One thing for sure is these stenciled bags are all treat – no trick! This project illustrates how you can make three bags. Here are the supplies you’ll need: 1

Step 1: Doilies are a 2 layer stencil that includes the silhouette and the detail. First stencil the silhouette using a foam roller and Graphite Chalk Paint. This will later become the lines for the spider web. Allow to dry. 2 Step 2: Leave the silhouette in place and lay the second layer of the stencil inside. Using a stencil brush with a contrasting color, for this project we used Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint, Antibes Green Chalk Paint and Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint. Stencil the details of the doily. 3 Step 3: Remove the stencil and allow to dry. 4 Step 4: Using a tee Juice pen or a Sharpie, write “Trick or Treat” across the top of your bag. Another idea would be to put your kids’ names to personalize the bags! 5 Step 5: Using the straight edge of a stencil or a ruler trace a vertical line from the top to the middle of your bag. 6 Step 6: Using a hot glue gun add a plastic spider where your line ends. Place a second spider in the spider web. 7 8 Now you have spooktacular trick-or-treat bags! _MG_6464 copyCan’t seem to get enough of Halloween DIY fun? See what we are howling about on our Halloween Stencil Collection as well as our Halloween Stencil Hideout page! It’s to die for…

We can’t wait to see your terror-ific Halloween stencil projects! Email us at projects@royaldesignstudio.com or tag us on Instagram with #royaldesignstudio.

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