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Melanie Royals

Henna Party: Stenciled Stair Risers

I never shared the stair riser project that our first group did at Peacock Pavilions last May. My bad! This first set of “themed” stenciled stair risers is what inspired the most recent round. Those, in turn, were inspired by this blog post, where Maryam saw something that I designed here at our studio with all different stained border patterns.


The stairs we did in May were actually seen in this photo from Maryam’s blog, but they were covered with all our tired bodies, so here is the big reveal…..




and here….


and here. The theme was henna patterns, and I had TOO MUCH fun reworking classic henna designs into the borders for these stairs. We worked them in a simple color palette of three colors chosen to coordinate with the marble stair treads. These designs were stenciled directly on the painted plaster risers….


under very adverse working conditions…..


so to prime ourselves for the project we had a fun little henna party. The henna has long since faded, but the memories are still lovely. Good times!


  1. I love LOVE all the designs :))))))))And, the stairs!! They’re just soooo beautiful!!!

  2. Melanie

    Thanks!! All of the patterns are available as single use masking stencils on the Modello website here http://www.modellodesigns.com/Category.asp?cat_idno=9&type_idno=5
    and under Eastern Borders. The great thing about risers is that you can combine so many different patterns and keep it looking fabulous by simply limiting the color scheme.

  3. Those stairs are wonderful. I love all the detail against the simple surroundings. Plus those henna hands, divine!

  4. Melanie

    Having a henna party is tons of fun! Wine optional…..

  5. I absolutely love this idea for my own stairs. Thank you for sharing the stencil site. I am so going to try this.

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