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Snazzy Little Things Stencils Hollywood Glam and Art Deco


Closets are created to contain our wardrobes, but they can also reflect our personal style as well. Over-the-top glamour was the look DIYer Jeanette of Snazzy Little Things was going for – specifically, Old Hollywood Glam. As she and her husband were converting another space into their new master closet, Jeanette was inspired by a Royal Design Studio stencil pattern and decided to take the old closet space and make it her own snazzy little dressing room.


Jeanette’s describes her favorite design style as “French Industrial” but as soon as she spied the Teardrop Trellis Bari J Stencil from the Allover Modern Stencils Collection, she knew she wanted her converted closet to exude feminine allure with an art deco flavor. She decided on a dark-on-light color scheme and painted her feature wall with a light shimmery gold metallic paint base in a cross-hatch technique.  She then used a dark paint color for the stenciling itself.



One of Jeanette’s top stenciling tips she shared with us is to finish off the edges last. She did this by taking her stenciling as far into the corners and edges as she could and then letting those dry. She then taped over the unfinished edges and painted a solid paint color (the same as used for the stencil) to give a clean, finished look to all four edges. Jeanette gives you all her tips and tricks along with her entire project process in her Glam Closet Makeover post.


Jeanette’s beautiful work resulted in a stylish dressing room that has both modern and vintage touches, including a vanity bench, a custom-built vanity desk and mirrors with shimmery metallic accents. “My nine year-old daughter says this room looks like it belongs to Marilyn Monroe! She and I have enjoyed our ‘girl time’ doing our hair and nails here. The boys steer clear, mostly because of the more glamorous additions I’ve made to the room — which was exactly the reason we created this space to begin with!”

We absolutely adore the “Mom Cave” Jeanette created and love how the stencil pattern helped inspire the design. Many thanks to Jeanette for sharing her space and project with us and we hope this inspires YOU to let stencils help create your own private oasis!

Where would you put stencil some old Hollywood glam in your home?

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