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India-Inspired Monochromatic White Interiors

Shangri-la Mughal Suite via Paint+Pattern

Deeply rooted in culture and history, Indian interiors typically reflect warm colors and rich textures. They are also rather daring, and in that vein, many are designing Indian-inspired rooms with a lighter look that is no less classic and inspiring. Monochromatic white interiors can be comfortable and serene while pulsating with vibrant energy and sophistication. Read on to see how you can incorporate chic global style with a fresh, simple palette.

White is dramatic and never boring. You can certainly say this about the Mughal-inspired dressing room in Shangri-La in the image above! The ornamental ceiling is patterned with mirrors while the interiors are mixed in with more creamy patterned furnishings and flooring. Don’t despair if you love this look, but feel it’s not within your budget – you can easily recreate the ceiling and patterned furniture with stencils, metallic foils or leaf and stencil crèmes. To get more inspiration on white trends in the world of stenciling, check out the White Pattern Trends post on Royal Design Studio.

Monochromatic-India-Inspired-Interiros-Maisons-Du-MondeVia Maisons du Monde

A light neutral wall glaze or plaster finish on the walls makes a relaxed background for the carefully curated Indian decor elements. A carved wood panel headboard is the centerpiece, while a framed mirror, patterned furniture and intricately carved light fixture complete the look for the beautiful white interiors of this room.

San Giorgio Hotel via Paint+Pattern

Even if you don’t have a traditional Indian interior, you can still incorporate the India style. Along with the wood-slatted ceiling, this room has an ornamental screen, carved mirror panel and decor with patinas and textures that bring a warm Indian flavor to the space. The white serves to harmonize the space and allows for a seamless continuity that lets the design elements shine.

Monochromatic India-Inspired White Room at Ankasa via Paint+PatternImage: Ankasa

Monochromatic India Inspired Interiros from Maisons-Du-Monde via Paint+PatternImage: Maisons du Monde

Elephants and the Hindu God, Ganesha, have a prominent place in Indian arts due to their significance in folklore and religion. You can incorporate them into several decor elements like fabrics, textures or sculptures, just to name a few. The Ganesha motif fits easily in both relaxed interiors as well as more sleek, modern spaces.

Devi Garh Hotel Suite via Paint+Pattern

A mural or an allover stenciled finish can warm up an all-white room with texture and pattern. One can keep to a white-on-white treatment or use a glorious gold (or any other metallic color) as featured in this sumptuous suite at Hotel Devi Garh Fort.

India Inspired White Interiros from Elle-Decor via Paint+Pattern

A great way to add depth to a light monochromatic interior is to incorporate wood furnishings, ceilings or flooring.  The stains can be rich and dark or whitewashed, as is this latticed folding screen featured in Elle Decor.

The New Delhi Smokehouse via Paint+Pattern

Of course, in India the thoroughly modern design is also embraced!  The Smokehouse Room is a restaurant in New Delhi with a dreamy contemporary twist on white.

Using a light, white or cream color palette for your space ensures a cool, clean design that could be both soothing and beautiful.  One can easily add richness and mystery to these elegant spaces with layers of Indian-inspired textures, fabrics, pattern and decor.  It’s an interesting mix that easily fits within both historical and contemporary interiors – and most importantly, it’s never boring.  Tell us, are you inspired to mix global style using a single palette?


  1. Just WOW. Have been falling in love with white and neutral décor and this post so inspired me. Had no idea there were white Indian-inspired rooms.

  2. Patti Schlotterlein

    Very pure and serene… felt the draw towards a neutral palette as I’ve simplified my life!

  3. Thanks for an incredible compilation of beautiful design. Inspiring indeed!

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