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Regina Garay

India’s Best Interior Design Magazines

Contemporary interiors from Elle Decor Magazine

We all love to pick up our favorite shelter magazines and see the gorgeous visuals, take in the inspiring décor and plan towards making our interiors the best reflection of ourselves. While we might be more than aware of all the design magazines available to us in the United States, it is worthwhile to note that some of the most amazing architecture and design magazines are global brands based in other countries and that they cover some of today’s most creative projects as well as some of the most influential designers. India has an incredible design aesthetic and it’s no surprise that they have four incredible magazines devoted to interior design. Read on to learn more about India’s best interior design magazines that should be on your radar.


Colors! Patterns! Elle Decor India just might be the best and most varied aspirational magazine for India design. The articles focus on home decorating and provide an international showcase for India’s design products as well.

Beautiful tile and wall pattern from Elle Decor Magazine

Colorful bedroom with royal wall patterns featured in Elle Decor


GoodHomes Magazine India inspires its readers with innovative ideas with an eclectic mix of decor suggestions and DIY tips.

Blue settee adding the splash of color to this contemporary room featured in Good Homes Magazine

St. Patty inspired room decor as featured in Good Home Magazine


Inside Outside was India’s first monthly magazine on interior design and architecture.  It focuses on well-designed residential and commercial interiors and cover “the exlusive and luxurious to the modest and space-conscious”.

Earthy tones and concrete wall make this bedroom look cozy  and inviting. Image from Inside Outside Magazine

Mughal architecture inspired arched ceilings at Devi-Ratn Hotel as featured in Inside Outside Magazine


Architectural Digest, the Indian Edition, is a recent addition to the Conde Nast brand. They feature “the best Indian and international architecture and design”.

Pattern inspired room from Architectural Digest India Edition

Beautiful wall pattern in Indigo and gold from Architectural Digest India Edition

Are you ready to add to your current subscriptions yet? Even if you just follow them on their social sites, it will introduce you to an ever broader world of global style.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to some of the world’s most sumptuous home decor publications!


  1. Debbie Hayes

    Yes to all! Fab, would love to get all of these. Are they subscription only Regina?

  2. Deb

    They’re all great magazines! Debbie, they are sold in stores throughout India but I don’t know if they’re sold at newsstands anywhere in the U.S. Every time my husband goes to India he comes back with them – in fact he arrives Monday night at O’Hare with another pile, yay! You can subscribe and get them mailed to the U.S. too.

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