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Italian-Inspired Decorative Painting with Modello® Designs

Customized Modello® stenciled ceiling by Bill Bigler | Paint + Pattern

Gorgeous ornamental patterns, a warm color palette and a painterly decadence are some of the touch points of Italian design. There is a robust richness to its décor style and incorporating these beautiful Italian-inspired artistic designs into your home is easy with Modello® Designs Stencils. Modello® Designs are one-time use vinyl stencil patterns that are custom sized and cut to fit your space. Your own designs can be customized and created or you can also  choose from hundreds of existing designs in the pattern design library…  We’ve gathered up the projects of some of our decorative painting friends, like the stenciled ceiling by Bill Bigler above, to showcase a bit of the Italian flavor to inspire!

Customized Modello® Ceiling via Gracie Reed | Paint + Pattern

An Italian fresco looks quite at home with the stenciled pattern around the light fixture and curved entryway. The gorgeous work is by Gracie Reed.

Customized Modello® Stencil on Range Hood via Christine McPherson | Paint + Pattern

Decorative painter Christine McPherson graces a warm and lushly colored range hood with a perfectly sized ornamental stencil design.

Customized Modello® on Concrete Rug | Paint + Pattern

This room boasts a stenciled concrete rug design in warm red, terracotta and black. Be sure to see the Carpets & Panels Stencil Collection for more stenciled floor inspiration.

Customized Modello® Ceiling Panel via Barry Harris | Paint + Pattern

The stencil ceiling panel in this bedroom works perfectly with the unique Italian plaster finish on the walls.  The creative work is by artist Barry Harris.

Customized Modello® Stencil for a decorating a niche | Paint + Pattern

Stencils work great in both large and small surfaces, as seen on this stenciled niche.

Decorate your stairwell with customized Modello® Designs via Debbie Hayes | Paint + Pattern

This stencil design incorporates the look of hanging tapestry textiles. The beautiful work is by artist and contributing writer Debbie Hayes.

Gilded Groin Ceiling | Paint + Pattern

Gilding is an integral part of Italian design. In this space, the groin ceiling of the entryway boasts a unique gilded tile pattern.

Customized Dining Room Ceiling by Modello® Designs via Barry Harris | Paint + Pattern

Barry Harris also created this incredible dining room ceiling with the Modello® Designs stencils. Using the unique shape of the ceiling and the light fixture, he was able to customize the pattern to fit perfectly in the space. Gorgeous!

Italian design is known for its distinguished grand style rooted in historic and artistic patterns. With Modello® Designs, you can put your own stylish stenciled spin on this classic design. If you’d like to see more incredible work by decorative artists, take a look at the Modello by Design book – you’ll have an endless source of pattern inspiration!

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