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Regina Garay

Marvelous Modello® Designs Stencils on Italian Plaster

When thinking of Italian-inspired finishes, plasters inevitably come to mind. There are a range of Italian plaster treatments available – from the chunky feel of textured plasters to the organic lime-based plasters to smooth, luxe feel of Venetian Plaster. When these Italian textures are paired with stencil designs, they literally create an awe-inspiring space. We found several Italian Plaster projects stenciled with our Modello® Designs Stencils that were created by a few of our decorative painting friends. Let’s take a look!

Custome Modello® Desings via Kris Kuchavik | Paint + Pattern

Decorative Painter Kris Kuchavik did a plaster finish on the walls and ceiling insets. She topped it off with a custom Modello® Designs vinyl stencil in the center ceiling inset. Magnificent!

Custom Modello® Designs via Christine McPherson | Paint + Pattern

Artist Christine McPherson stenciled a deep terracotta plastered fireplace accent wall with a custom Modello® Designs stencil. See how easily the curve of the fireplace is incorporated into the design?

Custom Modello® Design via Nathalie Nielson | Paint + Pattern

Texas-based artist Nathalie Nielsen stenciled over a sepia-toned Venetian plaster on this row of groin ceilings.

Ancient Worlds Motif Stencil via Mary Bader | Paint + Pattern

An Ancient Worlds Motif Stencil fits in perfectly in this multi-colored distressed and plastered fireplace wall. Beautiful artistry by Mary Bader.

Custom Modello® Designs via Lynn & Mark Zwern | Paint + Pattern

Venetian Plaster is known for its shiny, glamorous look and this home theatre ceiling is no exception. The ceiling stencil design incorporates the space and light fixture beautifully. The project is by Lynn and Mark Zwern.

Custom Modello® Designs via Gracie Reed | Paint + Pattern

Stencil Star Gracie Reed chose to compliment her ethereal blue Venetian Plaster finish on the walls with stenciled mirror door insets featuring an allover pattern.

Custome Modello® Designs via Nichole Blackburn | Paint + Pattern

Artist Nichole Blackburn worked with Q Design Studio to create a beautiful Italian-inspired dining room complete with a stenciled Venetian Plaster ceiling. The room was photographed by Erhard Pfeiffer.

Custom Modello® Designs via Jason Lucas | Paint + Pattern

Decorative painter Jason Lucas created an awe-inspiring domed staircase ceiling with a distressed plaster treatment and Modello® Designs Stencils.

The stencil design library of Modello® Designs features allover stencil patterns as well as borders, panels, tiles, corners, centers and motif designs in a variety of styles. Whether your project is a small craft or a grand ceiling, there is sure to be a custom stencil design perfect for you. We hope you’ve enjoyed these Stenciled Italian Plaster ideas!

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