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Melanie Royals

Lovely Lisboa Tile Stencil

Stenciil Projects using Lisboa Tile Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Stencils are the chameleons of the design world – they can adjust easily between surfaces and you can use absolutely any color scheme you’d like! Royal Design Studio has so many stencil patterns to choose from that it makes finding the perfect design for your home relatively effortless. One of the most popular and versatile stencil patterns is the Lisboa Tile Stencil from the Allover Ethnic Stencils Collection. It’s such a pretty design! This classic pattern was inspired by azulejos, the brilliant blue and white tile designs so prevalent in Lisbon, Portugal. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to bring Mediterranean flair to any surface and space!

Stenciled Feature Wall via Michelle Lopez | Lisboa Tile Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Decorative painter Michelle Lopez used the Lisboa Tile Stencil on a bath renovation. We love how exciting the fresh green color scheme looks!

Stenciled Feature Wall via Trish Johnston | Lisboa Tile Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Canadian designer Trish Johnston wanted to incorporate a large-scale graphic pattern on a feature wall with a little indigo flair. Do you love it as much as we do? The room was photographed by Michael Graydon.

Stenciled Bath Floor via Debi Maerz | Lisboa Tile Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Creative customer Debi Maerz used her Lisboa Tile Stencil over a bath linoleum floor in a striking black and white scheme. It’s a wonderful allover pattern for flooring, rugs and floorcloths and you can easily use several colors to make the different design elements pop, too!

Stenciled Furniture via Peinture | Lisboa Tile Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Deborah Waltz from Peinture used bone inlay design as inspiration for this fab stenciled dresser front. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Stenciled Ceiling via Joan Angwin | Lisboa Tile Stencil via Royal Design Studio | Paint + Pattern

Joan Angwin uses stencils to help transform her client’s homes and businesses, but for this project, she tackled her own home. Joan used the Lisboa Tile Stencil on her ceiling to add much needed interest and yet remain relatively neutral. Perfect!

Stenciled Denim Jacket With Discharge Paste via Paint + Pattern | Lisboa Tile Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Want to enhance your closet? Stencil your clothing! Debbie from My Patch of Blue Sky shared her stenciling on fabric tutorial on the Paint + Pattern blogazine. She used the Lisboa Tile Stencil and Jacquard Discharge Paste to add a little drama to her faded denim jacket. Just lovely.

One Stencil, Endless Ways! We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how the Lisboa Tile Stencil — or any stencil, really — can transform so many surfaces time and again. If you’ve used your stencils on several surfaces, we’d love to see it.  Have an inspired day!

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