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Marrakesh Stencil Adventures Continue


Have you ever dreamed of traveling to an exotic country filled with exquisite architecture, colorful patterns, and mouthwatering cuisine? A country where the warmth of the people matches the warmth of the climate. Perhaps you’ve longed for an adventure to explore your creativity while exploring another culture, but weren’t quite sure how to plan it or haven’t found the perfect traveling partners.

Our Peacock Painting and Stencil Retreats to Marrakech, Morocco allow you to do all this and more! Yearly since 2008, we’ve been taking small, lucky groups of creative, adventurous souls to Morocco to soak up all the sensory delights that Marrakech has to offer. While there, we learn and create lasting, original decorative art installations using Royal Design Studio Moroccan stencils at the beautiful boutique hotel, Peacock Pavilions.


When we’re not painting, we are exploring architectural treasures, shopping for enchanting items in the famous souks, dining on traditional, fragrant Moroccan dishes, and spoiling ourselves with spa visits.

As magical and dreamy this all sounds (and IS!) it’s the special bonds and memories that we create with new found friends from home and abroad that make these trips so very special for all who attend.

This coming May 2014 will be the 6th stencil painting adventure I’ve led to Morocco. Each one has been filled with special experiences, amazing people, and precious memories. Isn’t it time you stopped dreaming of travel adventures, and start living them?

Here’s what you should do!

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