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Metallic Home Decor Trend using Wall Stencils

Let your home decor reflect on your personality with the magic of metallics! Metallic decor commands attention, since their shiny nature draws the eye in. Any room makeover needs metallic for warmth and interest and they will always be a perennial hot design trend. This design trend is perfect for adding a focal point or adding depth to a small room. The reflected light of a metallic wall finish creates a subtle mirror effect and the glow of metallic walls makes the room feel a bit more expansive.

You can easily mix and match your Royal Design Studio Stencils with Royal Stencil Cremes metallic paint, metal leaf for gilding, and metallic foils to add dazzling metallic effects to your project. Metallic finishes add glamour, shine, richness, and depth to whatever surface it is stenciled on. We’ve rounded up some DIY ideas that add a glam touch of luxury to your decor…

Colorful Metallic Home Decor Trend using Wallpaper Wall Stencils

Are you ready for a stencil adventure? Take the road less traveled with your wall by including the bohemian look of the Camel Safari Wall Stencil! We designed this stencils with kid’s rooms in mind, but love how it can also take on an Arabian Nights in rich metallic colors. Watch the video and follow the step by step instructions below to see how you can quickly create a metallic wallpaper look in your home using the rich, dreamy colors of Metallic Royal Stencil Cremes collection. Watch the video above and read the step-by-step instructions here: How to Stencil Metallic Moroccan Camel Wallpaper Patterns.’

Colorful Metallic Home Decor Trend using Wallpaper Wall Stencils

Whenever we think of “gypsies” we think of glistening gold! For this DIY stencil tutorial, you will learn how to use Gold Leaf and the Damascus Allover Wall Stencil to create a glamorous gold wall finish accented with an ornate damask stencil pattern. You will see how metal leaf can adhere to your wall very quickly while adding a special glam-organic base for your stencil design. Read the full tutorial and supplies list here: How to Stencil a Gold Leaf Damask Wall Finish.

Colorful Metallic Home Decor Trend using Wallpaper Wall Stencils

Bring the Art Nouveau look to your home with the flowing flower and vine design of the Lotus Paradise Wall Stencil. For this stenciled wall, Royal Stencil Cremes are used to highlight this retro inspired design with shimmering metallic color. Royal Stencil Cremes cover quickly, especially over dark colors and dry almost instantly. Stenciling with these rich metallic colors on a dark navy wall instantly gives this design the gift of glam. Watch the video above to see how you can quickly create a metallic wallpaper look, or read the full tutorial here: Make It Metallic with an Easy Stenciled Accent Wall.

Colorful Metallic Home Decor Trend using Wallpaper Wall Stencils

You don’t have to choose between laid-back style and luxurious glamour — simply blend the two to create your own boho-glam room makeover! The secret sauce to an appetizing, gypsy-inspired interior is layering metallics and pattern. In this DIY tutorial, gold and pink metallic jewel tones and Global Gypsy Stencils create a moody luxe-look on an accent wall. The Francesca Floral Damask Wall Stencil is inspired by a Spanish folk textile but we’ve glammed up this flower design by pairing it with metallic foils to create a luxurious pink and gold accent wall. Full tutorial and supplies list: How to Stencil a Metallic Foil Wall Finish.

Colorful Metallic Home Decor Trend using Wallpaper Wall Stencils

Metallic wall finishes don’t always have to be feminine! You can easily decorate for a masculine style using warm metallic tones and geometric wallpaper patterns. Read the full DIY tutorial How to Stencil a Metallic Tribal Wall Finish to see how the Triangulations Wall Stencil, metallic paints, and tamise flakes can be combined for a trendy tribal wall design.

Colorful Metallic Home Decor Trend using Wallpaper Wall Stencils

But just because something is “common” doesn’t mean you can’t find new ways to reinvent it. Take this IKEA hack, for example. Instead of keeping the original ho-hum look of the piece, you can spice it up a bit with some hot metallic paint colors on black and the exotic Anika Ikat Furniture Stencil. Read the full DIY tutorial here to see just how easy this project really is: How to Stencil an Exotic Ikat Ikea Furniture Hack.


The pairing of any lustrous materials with a wall stencil design is a fast way to make your home to look effortlessly modern and chic. Let us know in the comments how you’ve played around with metallics and made your home decor SHINE!

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