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Marvelous Metallic Stencil Projects with Stencil Creme Paint

The beauty of Royal Design Studio Stencils is that you can literally work with any color palette that you love – the stencil pattern becomes your canvas. But what if you wanted a little oomph, a little more pizzazz or lots of shimmer? Your answer: Metallics. Using the versatile array of colors in the Royal Stencil Creme Paint, you can add a luxurious luster to your stencil projects, whether big or small. We’ve rounded up a few great ideas for you to be inspired by!

Custom Vinyl Stencils in Metallic Silver Monochromatic Colored Room by Modello Designs Stencils and Stencil Creme Paint

This is an exquisite feature wall at Peacock Pavilions. It’s a grand project that showcases the ease in which the Stencil Creme Paint work with each other and how a relatively neutral color scheme can still have stunning style. The patterns were custom Modello® Designs vinyl stencils.

Royal Stencil Creme Paint and Scallops Furniture Stencils for Painted Desk by Royal Design Studio

French Lettering Stencil for Painting Vintage Furniture by Royal Design Studio

Small furniture stencil projects can also exude a touch of metallic elegance. Lauren of The Thinking Closet blog used Pearl Oyster Stencil Crème and the Scallops Allover Stencil to add pattern to the sides of her work desk. Michelle from Stiltskin Studios used Bronze Age Stencil Crème to stencil the back of a hutch. Michelle mentioned that she was thrilled to find that the Stencil Crème Paint held strong under a clear soft wax application on top for protection.

Stencil a fabric scarf as a DIY craft project with Royal Design Studio tribal pattern stencils

Deb Trombley of Nomadic Decorator stenciled a scarf using the Tribal Vibe Allover Wall Stencil and several Stencil Crème colors. Don’t miss her step-by-step Stenciled Geometric Scarves how-to tutorial.

Stencil bedroom accent walls with Royal Design Studio stencil supplies and Royal Stencil Creme Paint

Decorative Artist Heather Bruno-Sears is a huge fan of Royal Design Studio stencils. She frequently uses stencils in her art works – in fact, the Elsabet Trellis Wall Stencil pulls double duty in two of her stenciled wall treatment projects.  She not only uses all the gorgeous Stencil Crème metallics but also the rich shimmer of the Black Frost Stencil Crème for added drama.

Metallic Stenciled Columns with Royal Design Studio Arabesque Border Stencils

Christopher Macon of Creative Wall Designs used our Arabesque Border Stencil and Stencil Cremes to add beautiful pattern details on an archway and a fireplace surround.

Wendi from H20 Bungalow stenciled vertical blinds with the Morse Code Stencil and both the Bright Gold Stencil Crème and Antique Gold Stencil Crème. Doesn’t it look great?

DIY Metallic Lampshade with Royal Design Studio stencils supplies and Royal Stencil Creme Paints

Bonus! If you think Stencil Cremes are just for stenciling, take a look at this textured metallic lampshade by Debbie of My Patch of Blue Sky. Using Lime Shine Stencil Crème and Metallic Teal Stencil Crème over a raised design, she created a showstopping lamp. Gorgeous!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these stellar ideas with Stencil Cremes and Stencils. If you’d like even more inspiration, be sure to click over to our 5 Fabulously Easy Ways to Stencil with Stencil Crème post – lots of great ideas and how-to tutorials. Don’t forget to pin these projects so you’ll have them on hand for your next stencil adventure!

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects

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