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Regina Garay

Mexicolor: The Vibrant Spirit of Mexican Design

Mexicolor House at Costa Careyes StreetColorful houses flank the streets of Costa Careyes

From the temples of India to the teahouses of the Orient to the plains of Africa, every month Paint + Pattern travels to different destinations to bring you the design, flavor and beauty of each country’s aesthetic and artistry. This month we travel to a location imbued with the vibrant energy of those who enjoy a unique relationship with pattern and color: Latin America. We hope you enjoy the journey!

Color is everywhere in Mexico. The array of hues is arresting and permeates life from the Caribbean-tinged plazas of the coastal towns to the more historic architecture of the villages. In MexiColor, writer Tony Cohan and photographers Melba Levick and Masako Takahashi, serve to showcase this incredible “adventure of disorder” as every color goes with every other color if you know how to do it. They feature beautiful plastered walls, textiles, wood carvings, ceramics and gorgeous residences and garden patios. Hundreds of photos guide you through a rich Mexican history of architecture and design. Join us?

Mexicolor: Antique Bed at Rivera-del-Rio

Mexicolor: Hallway at Rivera-del-Rio

An antique bed on an exterior patio and a gorgeous hallway with ornamental artwork, both abide in Rivera Del Rio.

Mexicolor: Arched Entryway

Mexicolor: Simple Architecture Comes Alive with Color

Mexicolor: Simple Architecture Comes Alive with Pink Color

A home’s architecture can reflect a more robust traditional design or a clean, contemporary feel – but always, alive with color.

Mexicolor: Hacienda with Painted Walls

A room in a hacienda whose walls are painted with the motifs of the nearby Atotonilco shrine, frequently referred to as Mexico’s Sistine Chapel.

Mexicolor: Wood Textures of MexiColor

Mexicolor: Woodcarved Door

Wood carvings celebrate the joy of everyday life as well as holidays such as the Day of the Dead. They are also used for everyday items, such as doors.

Mexicolor: Colorful Cocina(kitchen)

Patterned ceramic tiles, painted furniture and handmade copper pots live side by side in this warm cocina (kitchen).

Mexicolor: Enchanting Room in Puerto Vallarta

An enchanting room in Puerto Vallarta with beautiful patinas on nearly every surface.

There is a visual affluence to Mexico – walls and ceilings are plastered with color, wood-carved juguetes (toys) display a riot of hues, hibiscus flowers brim over walls, baskets and trucks on their way to market, women in patterned textiles pass by breezily. The zeal in which patterns and colors are used ensures an unforgettable visit to Mexico. Internationally, the Mexican style also has a strong influence in architecture, furnishings and decor. MexiColor catches this completely and proves an incredible fountain of information and inspiration for the spirit of Mexican design.


  1. Debbie Hayes

    Wow Regina, I ready to go back to Mexico right now to experience the colors and textures and craftsmanship. A most beautiful post!

  2. Amisha Desai

    This post is teasing me and not in a good way! I can’t wait to go visit!

  3. Great article, love the photos!

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