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New Modern Stencil: Name it to Win it!

Post Update: This contest in now closed. 

The winning stencil name was Large Boxwood Trellis Wall Stencil suggested by Lisa Nelson.

Find the Large Boxwood Trellis Wall Stencil on Royal Design Studio.

Check back on our Stencil Contests page often for your chance to win!

Name it to Win it Modern Stencil from Royal Design Studio

Name it to Win it Returns!!

We have designed yet another beautiful stencil pattern for you this week! If you are looking to give a modern chic look to your stencil projects, we think this brand new leafy stencil pattern would be one of the top contenders on your list.

However, before we make it available in our Modern Stencils Collection, we need YOUR help once again! From the raving responses to the last two weeks of ‘Name it to Win it’ contests, we know how much you love naming our stencils. And, we love that you love it so much! So, here’s another chance for you to find a cool new name for this gorgeous geometric trellis pattern. Get as creative as you can because the competition seems to be heating up!

Leave your best name suggestion in our comments section below before midnight, June 22nd. If we PICK it, you WIN it! Good luck!!

Note: To prevent spam on our site, all comments need to be approved. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away!

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  1. leaf square dance

  2. Name it to win:

    “Swag” or “Swagger”

  3. Garden Maze

  4. It’s Hip To Be Square

  5. Modern Square

  6. Jennifer Serrano

    Tropics gone Mod

  7. Dreams of Bali or Bali Squared

  8. Laurel Leaf Squared or Squared Laurel Leaf or Modern Laurel Leaf

  9. Patricia del Moral

    Garden hideaways

  10. I think you should name the new pattern, Leaves Around the Block

  11. Leaves Around the Block

  12. Lou Ann Jacobson

    Wheatch way

  13. Yusuf I. (age 8)

    The leafy greens

  14. New Leaves on the Block (modern and 80s retro! 🙂 )

  15. leafy blues

  16. Tropical lattice

  17. Cross Squared Weaves

  18. Minetta Minnick (@minettam)

    Framed by Leaves

  19. Yusuf I. (age 8)

    the green forest

  20. Pink Marmalade

  21. Digital Autumn

  22. leafy lattice

  23. “Leafy Lattice Cha Cha!”

  24. Allover Garden Labyrinth!!!

  25. Lattice Leaves

  26. Picture This

  27. Sandy Gunderson


  28. Square de Leaves

  29. Madonna Ferguson

    Life’s Support

  30. Roman weave

  31. Accantus court.

  32. High Style or Gold Coast

  33. Boxwood Trellis

  34. Carribean Leaf

  35. Boxwood Lattace

  36. Meant to say, Boxwood Lattice!

  37. squares leaves
    it will look great on Sponge Bob square pans walls <3

  38. Leafy Links

  39. Aileen Yap-Lacap

    Name It to Win It:

    ” Time Squared “

  40. Crosses & Squares

  41. Crosses & Squares

  42. The leaf matrix

  43. Climbing Cubes of Leaves

  44. Lincon Leaves

  45. Loosely Connected


  47. Framed Foliage

  48. Patricia Durkin

    Methodical Leaves

  49. modern jungle

  50. Park Square 🙂

  51. or Garden Party…………or Block Party

  52. Garden Square??

  53. Bamboo Leaves

  54. Minetta Minnick

    Leaves squared

  55. “Basket Leaves”
    “Basket Leaves Squared”

  56. Weavin’ Leaves

  57. charlotte walker

    Corn Squares

  58. Lanai Lace
    Lahaina Leaves
    Hollywood Hula
    Hilo Trellis
    Ginger Leaf Geo

  59. Leaflette maze

  60. Deborah Kennedy

    Name it “Picture This” looks like picture frames

  61. Leaves pave the way

  62. Boxwood buckle. Or. Hidden hedges

  63. The Secret Garden

  64. Falling Leaves!!

  65. Laced Lattice

  66. Barb Skivington


  67. Leaf Labyrinth

  68. Through the Vine
    (As in, “I heard it…”)

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