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Amisha Desai

Paint+Pattern+Pinterest: A Peek into the world of Mughal Art and Architecture

Mughla Inlay and Ceramic Tile Art via Paint and Pattern

Like us, have you always been fascinated by the Mughal art and architecture of India? If so, we may have something interesting for you today. Our top picks of the week, for Paint+Pattern Pinterest Friday, are about the intricate and detailed artworks from the Mughal Era.

The aesthetic of Mughal art is characterized by subtlety, delicacy and elegance. Their passion for creating beauty seems to reflect upon their inimitable building styles, intricate elements as well as through various art objects. Common qualities of impeccable perfection, symmetry and uniformity of color may always be found among all Mughal artworks.

The hallmark of their style can be easily identified through a series of coherent themes: all-pervading geometric patterns, symmetry, preponderant use of floral themes, frequent appearance of animals and birds, extensive use of calligraphy as well as use of dizzying levels of intricacy.

Intricate Jali Pattern of Mughal Architecture via Paint and Pattern

Miniature Mughal Paintings via Paint and Pattern

Mughal Tent Fabric via Paint and Pattern

Marble Inlay via Paint and Pattern

If intricate Mughal patterns charm you, we recommend you to take a look at Royal Design Studio’s recently launched India stencil collection. Several patterns from this beautiful new collection have been inspired by Mughal art and architecture: Raj Trellis Indian Wall Stencil, Taj Tile Border Indian Stencil and Jali Allover Indian Stencil are just to name a few. These stencils are designed to add a touch of regality to your homes and spaces.

We hope you have enjoyed browsing through the fabulous world of Mughal art with us today. Find many more inspiring artworks from this glorious era on our Inspired by Indian Design Pinterest board and Happy Pinning!

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