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New Damask Stencil: Name it to Win it!

Post Update: This contest in now closed. 

The winning stencil name was Grecian Tile Damask Wall Stencil suggested by Celine Fleur.

Find the Grecian Tile Damask Wall Stencil  on Royal Design Studio.

Check back on our Stencil Contests page often for your chance to win!

Name it to Win it from Royal Design Studio

Name it to Win it is back!

We are excited to introduce a new stencil to our Damask Stencil Collection! What makes this pattern unique is its intricate organic designs nestled within geometric shapes. It is sure to give your walls, floors or furniture a regal touch!

The one thing stopping us from making this stunning stencil available to you is our lack of the perfect name. You guys have come up with some of the best names for our stencils in the past; now we need your help once again! This is your chance to leave your mark on one of our most beautiful stencil patterns!

So hurry and leave your best name suggestion in our comments section below before midnight, September 7th. If we PICK it, you WIN it! Good luck!

Note: To prevent spam on our site, all comments need to be approved. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away!

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  1. Sunday Afternoon.

  2. I suggest “Turkish Delight.”

  3. Quaker Quilt

  4. Nouveau chic or neo-classical

  5. Quintessential

  6. Poinciana

  7. I call it “Coronation Delight”

  8. Beguildy

  9. Royal Crest

  10. Eastlake Manor

  11. Splendid Synergy

  12. Jeannie Garcia-Buechele

    Morocan Dance 🙂

  13. Casual Elegance

  14. Camelot

  15. Isadora

  16. Montenegro

  17. Inspiring Welcome

  18. Damask Delite

  19. Damask Delight

  20. Bees knees

  21. Nancy Cowell-Miller

    “Pennsylvania Dutch” – because it reminds me of those hex signs painted on barns………….

  22. How about “Amour des fleurs”

  23. Emperors Palace

  24. Craftsman Cottage

  25. Barcelona Tile

  26. World Piece
    (looks like a quilt that’s a collage of different country designs)

  27. Colonial Flair

  28. Plaza De Mayo, after the famous Town Square in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  29. Dutch Deco

  30. Classic feathered flourish

  31. “Heirloom Quilt” At first glance I thought of my grandmothers quilts.

  32. “Tradition on Point”

  33. Damsil in Damask

  34. Mediterranean Sea

  35. “Dear Damask”

  36. Divine portico

  37. Talavera. Reminds me of Talavera tile patterns!

  38. Baltimore Floor.

  39. Balneum – Grecian Tiles (Balneum is bathhouse, loosely translated)

  40. Feathers and Arrows

  41. “Royal Tropics”

  42. Imperial Jack in the Box

  43. Stately home damask

  44. either Oui Mademoiselle or just plain Mademoiselle

    I love this pattern by the way!

  45. “Egyptian Antiquity”

  46. Royal Bliss

  47. “Spanish garden tiles”

  48. “English Garden”

  49. Damask Danube in blue

  50. Damascene

  51. Spirit Plume

  52. Diamante diagonal

  53. Vintage Linoleum reminds me of my Great Grandmothers Linoleum floor.

  54. scent of Europe

  55. Dream catcher

  56. The first thing that comes to mind is Ric Rac.

  57. It reminds me of the Roaring 20’s so I would call it Ragtime.

  58. I see egyptian, country and classical, so i would call it “eclectic”

  59. Grecian Damask!

  60. Kaleidoscope

  61. Renascence

  62. Plume TIle Damask

  63. Square dance
    Amish quilt squares

  64. Diamond Jubilee

  65. Czech Village

  66. Industrial Forest or Industrial Forestry

  67. Greek Elegance

  68. Muted Moroccan

  69. Itinerant Heritage

  70. Duchesse of Damask (French version)

  71. “Crossroads”

  72. Pennsylvania DUTCH

  73. Kathleens English Garden

  74. “Acropolis” tile, because I drawn to the Greek elements of the design. 🙂

  75. Hawaiian Breadfruit

  76. Dancing Diamonds Damask

  77. Tantalizing Tile
    I can’t wait to order it!

  78. Greco-Roman Holiday

  79. Country Delight

  80. Espanola

  81. “Square It Up Damask”

  82. Jeanne Devine Bolewitz

    Pennsylvania Celt. It has Celtic-like crosses and “mazes” along with a Central Pennsylvania Amish/PA Dutch country feel. One of my favorite places to live!

  83. Alisee Pattee

  84. Eastern Oasis

  85. Sheik Chic

  86. Talisman Square

  87. I think a beautiful name would be Damask Rana , meaning ” Beautiful to gaze upon” .

    Congratulations on a lovely new stencil design.

  88. Imperial Palmyra Damask

    Beautiful design.
    Very reminiscent of the ancient Palmyra Arches in Damascus

  89. Are we permitted multiple suggestions? If so,

    Global Junction

    International Intersection

    Metaphorical Map

  90. Parthenon

  91. Parthenon

  92. Hercules

  93. Vala Victorian

  94. Serendipity is a fun name.

  95. A Touch of Damascus

  96. It reminds me of Scandinavian designs, so I was thinking maybe…. Sundborn Damask

    (after Carl Larsson’s home)

  97. There’s so much beautiful movement….how about “Arabesque”.

  98. It remided my family and I of snowflakes so we came up with……Morning Frost Damask

  99. Diamonds and Feathers Trellis or Diamonds and Crosses Trellis

  100. Ancestral Diamonds

  101. Vanessa Fieramosca

    Art Deco in Damask

  102. Damascus Harmony

  103. Amish Country

  104. Roman armoire

  105. Barn Quilt

  106. Barn Quilt

  107. Barn Quilt

  108. Chopin Waltz

  109. Moravian Lattice (Moravian-German Folk Influence )

  110. Sangria on the patio

  111. Byzantine Arbor Damask

    Palmyra Trellis Damask

    Nova Roman Lattice Damask (Nova Roma=Constantinopolis)

  112. Sweet romance

  113. Gustavian snowflake, Gustavian Bliss


    When I look at it I see new blossoms growing and spreading and reaching for the sky. Reminding me that life is always full of new life and new goals. Very comforting.

  115. Moroccan Maiden

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