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New Moroccan Wall Stencil: Name it to Win it

Post Update: This contest in now closed. 

The winning stencil name was Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil suggested by Linda clarke.

Find the Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil on Royal Design Studio.

Check back on our Stencil Contests page often for your chance to win!

New Moroccan Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio

Name it to Win it returns with another new Moroccan wall stencil!

Here is another gorgeous wall stencil inspired by Melanie Royals’ past painting trips to Marrakech. By the way, we are already booking for our 2015 May trip, so hurry and sign up for an experience of a lifetime!

This Moroccan wall stencil’s intricate pattern is a reflection of the rich art and architecture of the city of Marrakech. This wall stencil transcends trends and can give any room or furniture an exotic feel! Choose contrasting Chalk Paint® colors to make a bold, artistic statement or go with a sophisticated tone-on-tone effect with our gorgeous Royal Stencil Cremes.

But wait! Before we make it available in our Moroccan Stencil Collection, we need your help once again to find a perfect name for it!

What do you think? Leave your name suggestion in our comments section below before midnight, Dec 7th. If we PICK it, you WIN it! Good luck!

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  1. Kasbah Lace

  2. Moroccan Lace

  3. Mikayla Birkholtz

    Luxe Lattice

  4. Harem Window

  5. Marrakech Lace

  6. Marrakech Memories

  7. Marrakech Trellis Moroccan Stencil

  8. Moroccan Chicken Wire

  9. Modern Moroccan Lace

  10. The Saffron Gate

  11. Moroccan Screen

  12. Moroccan Medallion

  13. Moroccan Medallion

  14. Moroccan Medallion

  15. Oops, apologize for multiple post, computer glitch.

  16. Cashmere daydream

  17. Moroccan madness

  18. Moroccan kaleidoscope

  19. Henna Garden Trellis Stencil

  20. Grand Kechi Lace

  21. Damakech (Moroccan damask)

  22. “Medina Maze”

  23. Buddha’s Retreat

  24. Magic Carpet Ride

  25. Royal Moroccan Riad Lace

  26. Hidden garden lattice

  27. Tangier Lace

  28. Ana oheb (means “I love” in Arabic)

  29. Moroccan light

  30. Sophia’s Moroccan Escape

  31. Sophia’s Moroccan sanctuary

  32. Ahh-Maze-in-Lace
    Ahh! Maze In Lace
    Amaze In Lace
    A Maze In Lace
    Amazing Lace

  33. There are so many designs in the whole, and you have to adjust your eyes to spot them. I’d call it
    “Hide and Seek”

  34. Marrakech Dreams
    Royal Marrakech Dreams
    Windows of Marrakech
    Morrocan Dreams
    Morrocan Memories

  35. Moroccan Dimensions

  36. Moroccan maze

  37. Mediterranean Memories

  38. Henna Nights
    Mehndi Nights
    Royal Mehndi Lace
    Moroccan Henna Fusion
    Zellige Fusion Pizzazz
    Royal Moroccan Pizzazz
    Moorish Garden Trellis

  39. Mashrabiya Lace

    Medina Garden

    Medina Lace

    Medina Dreaming

    The Maghreb Lace

    Lace of the Maghreb

    The Maghreb Garden

    Gardens of the Maghreb

    • Dreaming of the Orient

      Oriental Dream

      Sweet Oriental Dream

      Oriental Garden

      Spice Garden

      Sweet Oriental Garden

      Oriental Lace

  40. Mashrabiya

  41. Moroccan Montage

  42. El jadida which means new one
    Wadi Lace

  43. Pearly Gate

  44. Fleur de fes

  45. Royal mansour

  46. Swirling Moroccan Hearts

  47. Mystic moor
    Modern Marrakech
    Mystic Moroccan

    Florentine filigree
    French filigree

  48. Sahara Scroll

  49. “Thought about you”

  50. Marrakech prism

  51. Kirigami Lace

  52. Marrakech Express

  53. Moroccan Dreams

    Moroccan Nights

    Under the Morocaan Stars

  54. N’awlins

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