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New Typography Stencil: Name it to Win it

Post Update: This contest in now closed. 

The winning stencil name was French Love Letters Stencil suggested by Shelley Dolanski.

Find the French Love Letters Wall Stencil and French Love Letters Furniture Stencil on Royal Design Studio.

Check back on our Stencil Contests page often for your chance to win!

Name it to Win it - French Love Letters Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Name it to Win it’ returns!

If, like us,  you find French one of the most romantic languages on earth, you will certainly fall love with our newly designed typography stencil that is made with love-specifically, with French love phrases. Express yourself with adorable stencil projects around the house right in time for Valentine’s day. This stencil pattern will be available in sizes for both wall and furniture stenciling. So, whether you are thinking of creating a romantic feature wall, planning a furniture makeover or just painting a simple craft project, the charm of this pattern is sure to capture your heart.

Gorgeous French love lettering stencil and lace stencil from Royal Design Studio

We know you are eager to get your hands on it! But before we make it available, we need your help in finding a perfect name for this romantic stencil pattern. From all of the responses to past contests, we know our best stencil names come from you guys!

So, hurry! Leave your best name suggestion in our comments section below before midnight, Jan 11th. If we PICK it, you WIN it! Good luck!

Note: To prevent spam on our site, all comments need to be approved. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away!

Typography Stencils by Royal Design Studio


  1. Brooke Dixon Fenton

    Mon amour

  2. Billet-doux (love letter)

  3. Why would you post a contest that ended Dec 7,2014??

    Je taime

  4. Melinda Mansfield

    Whispering sweet nothings

  5. allure de résistance

  6. Pochoir d’amour (stencil of love)

  7. Amour Vivant (Living Love)

  8. Mots d’amour……….words of love

  9. Beautiful Love Script Stencil

  10. French Love

  11. French Language of Love Stencil

  12. Script from my Heart. <3

  13. Unforgettable love Amour inoubliable

  14. French Toast

  15. Large and small
    French Words of Love Stencil or
    French Love Letters Stencil

  16. je t’ aime
    Le langage de l’amour

  17. Charlee King Adams

    charmant ( means LOVELY in French )

  18. From Paris with Love

    We found a shoe-box full of French love letters in my great-grandparents attic, while cleaning through their estate. My handsome family patriarch apparently made lasting ‘friendships’ while serving in the Army during World War 1. :):)

    xo HBS

  19. “Love in a List”

  20. Written with Love or Written with L’Amour

  21. Or even just L’Amour

  22. Kathleen Donovan

    I think it should be called eternal love.

  23. L’Amour Toujours or
    Toujours L’Amour

  24. Shelley Dolanski

    Love Letters

  25. Genevieve Tippett


  26. Becky Shaughnessy

    French Silk

  27. We’ll Always Have Paris

  28. Que j’aime

  29. Love of my life

  30. Thou art

  31. French Script

  32. Love Script

  33. Cherie’s script

  34. Ooh la la

  35. Letters from Home

  36. Dorthey Jacobelli

    amour français (French love)

  37. MI A’moire

  38. parlaiz-vous francais? ❤️

  39. Love Is All Around

  40. Words of Love

  41. Genevieve Tippett

    Je suis Charlie

  42. Love in French Script

  43. French kisses.

  44. My Love Always

  45. Vive la France

  46. Mary Shacklock Ryan

    Sweet Nothings.

  47. Expressions from the Heart!

  48. Moi Cherie!
    Kinda says it all…

  49. Whispers of Amour`

  50. peint avec amour

  51. Blah blah blah

  52. To Monsieur with love

  53. Essence of Love

  54. Timeless Elegance

  55. joie de vivre

  56. À toi, pour toujours
    Forever yours

  57. My Cherie

  58. Parisan romance

  59. Signature Dish xox

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