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Debbie Hayes

Stencil DIY: Weave a Customized Paper Artwork

Stencil DIY: Weave a Customized Paper Artwork

Did you love to weave stuff in art class years ago? Me too. I have fond memories of weaving various things including loops of fabric, macramé – and even fabric on a small loom in high school. I’ve grown up, but I still find a calming and intriguing simple pleasure in weaving.

Let’s combine several easy painting activities and fall branches from your yard to create this simple woven paper wall hanging!

Supplies for Woven Artwork DIY | Paint + Pattern



Woven Paper Artwork Stencil DIY | Paint + Pattern

Tear three pieces of watercolor paper out of the tablet. In three containers add about a tablespoon of each of the three Chalk Paint® colors, plus an equal amount of water and stir until mixed. Mist the first piece of paper all over, then wash the colors any way you like. Set it aside and do the same with the other two pieces, using slightly different colors and techniques. Let dry then lay all of the pieces under the block of paper or some books over night to flatten out.


French Menu Stencil on Watercolor Paper | Paint + Pattern


Cat Lucy Jane Approves Stenciled Artwork | Paint + Pattern

Lay the stencil on top of a piece of paper and stencil with one of the stencil crème colors. (Be sure to have a very loving kitty very close by to inspect your work!)


Cutting the Strips for Woven Artwork DIY | Paint + Pattern



Use a pencil to lightly mark lines where you will tear your strips. Use the thin, sharper ruler to tear, holding very tightly as you go. You will end up with three piles of strips. Choose one to use as the verticals and use the other two to alternate horizontally while you weave. When you finish weaving, choose a place to tear at the right and left edges.


Tying Strings to hang DIY Woven Artwork | Paint + Pattern


Find two compatible branches. Using a utility knife, score a line about 1/16” deep, lay the branch at the edge of the table and break the branch. Do the same for all ends if necessary. Slide the top edge of the artwork between the two sticks and tie each end very tightly with twine. Create a loop to hang over a nail on the wall or from the ladder step like I did.

Stencil DIY: Woven Paper Artwork | Paint + Pattern

Stencil DIY: Woven Paper Artwork

I especially like the rustic textures coupled with the torn paper. What do you think? Recently I posted a not-for-youngsters copper bird project, but this woven artwork is perfect for kids and ladies art night!

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils and Paint Supplies for DIY Projects


  1. Gorgeous!! It’s cool how the words become abstract script shapes. Kitty realizes the color matches its eyes and might be feeling proud to be a muse.

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