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Rockin’ a Space with the Rockin’ Roses Damask Stencil


Bring the beauty of a rose garden indoors! Flower damask stencils from Royal Design Studio are all the rage and their patterns can range from sophisticated to whimsical to contemporary and modern – perfect for any stylish vibe your home has. Our Allover Floral Stencils Collection has a few popular patterns, but one of the most versatile is the Rockin’ Roses Damask Stencil. It has a classic and yet oh-so-fresh spin and it’s allover design is a great alternative to wallpaper. We’re sharing some of our favorite projects from our friends and we hope they inspire you to look at your walls, ceilings, furniture and other surfaces with a renewed eye forflorals!


The vibrant Angie from Angie’s Roost had been drooling over our stencils for months when she decided to try stenciling annook in her master bedroom.  Armed with the Rockin’ Roses Damask Stencil, the Copper Kettle Stencil Creme and a stencil brush, she tackled this sweet beauty for one Sunday afternoon. Aren’t her results so, so lovely? Catch all her tips and tricks in her stenciled wall post. Stenciled-Closet-Wall-Stencil-Yellow-Paint-DIY

Want to stencil a glam wall? Sharon from Lillikoi Joy went from functional to fantastique when she decided to stencil her closet walls. She used the Bright Gold Stencil Creme for her project and says, “This paint is really creamy and doesn’t leave much residue on the stencil so it doesn’t gunk up on the stencil or on the edges like other paints. J’adore the metallic shimmer to it.” Thanks Sharon — we adore YOUR project right back!


Things look positively sunny in this bath!  Decorative painter Joannie Wooder used a warm yellow color and glitter on her bath countertops while stenciling with the Rockin’ Roses Damask Stencil. Good prepwork and protective topcoats are the key to maintain this beautiful stenciled countertop finish.


We LOVE this nursery with the wall stenciled with our Rockin’ Roses Damask Stencil.  We spied it in the fab Paula and ErikaStencil Shop.Stenciled-Guest-Bath-Walls-Stencils-Damask-Pattern

Decorative artist Joannie Wooder of Olde World Finishes used a unique stenciled twist on her client’s bath walls. After stenciling the allover design on the walls, she came back and added a single embossed and textured red rose with metallic plaster.  Lovely!



Beth and Nick are the dynamic and creative force behind Sawdust & Embryos. They envisioned a unique and wonderful stenciled patchwork wall for their girls’ room and one of the stencils used was the Rockin’ Roses Damask stenciled in a cheerful orange color.  The other stencil patterns used were the Small Spanish Lace Furniture Stencil, the Small Margarita Lace Furniture Stencil, the Teardrop Trellis Bari J. Stencil, and also the Small Step Up Triangles Stencil.  Click over to their blog to see their fab stencil how-to.

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, right? Not when you’re using our Rockin’ Roses Damask Stencil! The beautiful and unique stencil pattern will be sure to make your surfaces stand apart – and that’s always a great result! Don’t miss our Nature, Fruit, & Floral Stencils for more floral designs!

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