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Three Stenciling Tips for a Roll Top Desk

Roll-top desk Makeover via The Thinking Closet | Paint + Pattern

Lauren of The Thinking Closet wanted to give a bright n’ beachy makeover to a beautiful roll top desk. It’s current stained oak look just wasn’t their style. So she painted the outside of the desk using Behr’s silver screen gray, ultra pure white gem and turquoise paint to jive with the rest of her room décor. She decided to jazz up the roll-top desk further with our Scallops Allover Stencil.

While you can take a look at the complete roll-top desk makeover on her blog, we scouted three extremely useful stencil tips by Lauren just for you – our aspiring stencil stars! These tips will help you conquer your next furniture stencil project with ease and perfection. So, let’s jump right in.

Tip # 1: Practice First

Tips on Roll Top Desk Makeover via The Thinking Closet | Paint + Pattern

Before you begin to stencil directly on your furniture piece, Lauren suggests to first practice your stenciling technique on a piece of scrap wood. The key is to really get a feel for how to swirl that brush in circular motions. Lauren said, “Once you get the hang of it, the project will go surprisingly fast.”

Tip # 2: Remove the stencil before it dries

Tips on Roll Top Desk Makeover via The Thinking Closet | Paint + Pattern

Lauren’s second important tip is to remove the stencil from the furniture surface before it fully dries.  Once dry, the stencil might stick and peel off the paint. She usually waits at least an hour before re-taping the stencil to the remaining section of the furniture. That way you can rest assured that already stenciled areas are perfectly dry and won’t smudge upon overlap.

Tip # 3: Flatten one section at a time for recessed edges

Tips on Roll Top Desk Makeover via The Thinking Closet | Paint + Pattern

The part of the roll-top desk that Lauren was trying to stencil had recessed panels. For stenciling on such uneven surfaces, she suggests to focus on flattening one section at a time. For this project, she worked on flattening one scallop section at time with her fingers to really get into the recessed grooves without messing up the overall pattern.

Roll Top Desk Makeover via The Thinking Closet | Paint + Pattern

The finished desk looks amazing! Lauren rocked this roll-top desk makeover with her creativity and our Scallops Allover Stencil. Be sure to check out her blog post: Adding scallop stencil details to a roll-top desk for a complete step-by-step tutorial.

Do you have a cool stenciling tip too? Share it with us in your comments below.

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature, Royal Design Studio! I really had such a blast working with your stencil, and I hope these tips can help others who might want to venture into the realm of furniture stenciling. Looking forward to my next RDS project!

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