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Sophisticated Dining Room Stenciling


Stenciling an allover pattern on a wall is not only fun but the results are spectacular! Wallpaper can be tough to install AND take down in addition to being limited to the designs and color schemes the manufacturers have available. With a little guidance on how to stencil with allover pattern stencils, you can choose your favorite pattern and your desired colors to create a stenciled space YOU designed. Royal Design Studio has many gorgeous allover wallpaper stencil designs and our friend Jessica from Mad in Crafts chose one from the Allover Moroccan Stencils Collection.


The Moroccan Chez Sheik Stencil is super popular with professional finishers, DIYers and even superstar designers like Martyn Lawrence Bullard. An allover wallpaper look is wonderful for feature walls but Jessica decided to go full-on Stencil Fabulous by stenciling all her dining room walls! She started with a gray matte paint as the base color and then chose a glossier sheen in a color that was one shade darker. It’s subtle, contemporary and very sophisticated. We love how the stenciled wallpaper design wraps the room! Be sure to check out Jessica’s full post on her stenciled dining room walls.


Isn’t this an incredible Before & After Stenciled Project! Jessica was a first-time stenciler when starting this dining room stenciling project and it took her all of an afternoon to complete the project herself! It REALLY is that easy to totally transform the look of your home with stencils. Many thanks to Jessica for sharing her beautiful stencil project and we hope to see many more of yours! E-mail us at projects(at)royaldesignstudio.com or share your stenciling stories over at the Royal Design Studio Facebook fan page. ๐Ÿ™‚


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